5 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad on your Grad Trip to Cuba

by Gabby, 4 years ago

Why should you take advantage of the free volunteer abroad excursion on your Grad Trip in Cuba?
We've done our best to narrow it down to the top 5!
1. Once in a lifetime opportunity...literally

You'll be hard pressed to find an opportunity like this anywhere else in Cuba. S-Trip! works year round communicating with government officials and ministers to get special (and required) approvals for this sort of program. We were the first to try our hand at volunteer programs in Cuba, and we want to you to have this unique opportunity too!

2. Dive into an authentic experience

Resort life is awesome -  don't get us wrong we love the beach too! But if you take the time to really see Cuba, you won't regret it. Hear the local sounds and music, venture into a rural area not often seen by tourists, and really feel what Cuba is all about.

3. Leave your mark

Contribute to projects and communities we've been working with for more than 5 years. Between schools and cultural centres, we've accomplished a lot in this time: roofs, classrooms, dance rooms, dormitories, gardens, latrines, basketball courts...the list goes ON AND ON! This is your chance to see what's been done, hear about the impact and add your mark to this continuing S-Trip! legacy.

4. Dance lessons from the pro's

Okay, okay...so maybe they aren't actually professionals, but they definitely put all of us to shame! No pressure though, these teachers are super casual and help you learn the basic Cuban salsa steps!

5. Meet the incredible people who call Cuba home

Everyone's got a different story, and we all have our own to share. Meet children, adults, someone your own age. You'll want to explore the differences, but the number of  similarities will shock you and spark instant connection.

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