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Beautiful beaches, historic cities, adventurous mountains, and lavish jungles.

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Authentic Cuba

If you’re a beach bum then Authentic Cuba grad trip is for you. Learn More »

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Cayo Santa Maria

Picture a small private tropical island that seems like it’s just for you and your friends. Learn More »

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The Cayos of Cuba

Cayo Coco is a private island designed specifically for tourism that looks like it could belong on a postcard. So in other words, it’s perfect for grad trip! Learn More »

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Dominican Adventure

Puerto Plata combines two mandatory grad trip experiences: adventure and relaxation. Learn More »

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Grand Bahamas

The Bahamas feature white sand beaches, perfect turquoise waters, and plenty of culture to keep you busy. Learn More »

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Isla Cozumel

With its low-key and laid-back atmosphere, Cozumel is a super chill island perfect for a week of hanging out with friends during your grad trip. Learn More »

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Islands of the Bahamas

The stunning white sand beaches and the picture-perfect turquoise waters make the Bahamas the ideal location for you to celebrate grad trip. Learn More »

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Pacific Mexico

This one-of-a-kind destination is perfect for beach lovers and adventure seekers. Learn More »

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Southern Dominican Sun

Punta Cana has quickly become one of the hottest grad trip destinations. Learn More »

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Viva Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an epic vacation full of non-stop adventure...and monkeys! Learn More »

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Yucatan Explorer

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the most popular beach destinations in the entire world. Learn More »

Your S-Trip! Package Includes

We don’t call it the #TripofaLifetime for nothing.
Everything you and your friends need for the best week of your life, we have you covered.


Round Trip Airfare
and Resort Transfers

Round Trip Airfare & Resort Transfers

We take care of your flights to paradise and back home, as well as your transfers from the airport to the resort.

7 Nights

7 Nights Accommodation

Your home in paradise has been Happy Traveler Verified by past S-Trip! travelers and our staff, who inspect every destination 2-3 times a year.

Medical Travel

Medical Travel Insurance

Included in every S-Trip! is basic medical insurance, which covers your medical expenses in case of an emergency. Comprehensive travel insurance is available as an add-on option, which may help cover you in case of trip cancellation or trip interruption.

Meals, Snacks,
and Drinks

Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

Your trip is all-inclusive! That means all meals, snacks, and beverages are included in your travel package.

S-Trip! Exclusives


Staff On-Site

The S-Trip! staff are what make our trips so unique. With a ratio of 1 staff per 25 students, we can ensure all aspects of the program are running smoothly and safely at all times. We are the ultimate travel buddy!


Day Activities

Mr/Ms. S-Trip!, Battle of the Sexes, Staff vs. Students, Beach Volleyball Tournaments - everyday our staff will be running awesome activities on the beach and by the pool! Make sure you get in on all the action!


Volunteer Abroad

Now included in every trip is a Volunteer Abroad excursion where travelers will dedicate an afternoon to give back to the community they are visiting. Depending on destination, volunteer projects can include: Build & Restore, Eco Conservation, or Cultural Exchange.

Off-Resort Event

Featured Off-Resort Event

Each destination has a unique featured night event away from the resort. We take over an amazing venue, make it exclusive to only S-Trip! students and staff, and throw one of the biggest celebrations of the week!

Off-Resort Excursion

Featured Off-Resort Excursion

Each destination has a unique featured excursion that is included with all trips. Excursions vary by destination and can include city tours, historical ventures, or adventure escapes. Be sure to check your My Profile page to see more information on your specific featured excursion.

Graffiti T-Shirt

S-Trip! Graffiti T-Shirt

One of our famous themed night events is the always popular Graffiti night! We hook you up with an awesome S-Trip! Graffiti T-Shirt, some markers, and the night quickly turns into a memory filled experience that you can literally take home with you.

Themed Night Events

Themed Night Events
  • S-Trip! night events are legendary. Get ready for awesome new themes throughout the week.
  • Tight N’ Bright – Your tightest and brightest
  • Graffiti – One T-Shirt, one marker, endless memories
  • White Out – White clothing from head to toe
  • Oh Canada – Celebrating the maple leaf in style
  • Masquerade – Purple, gold, and green mixed with some fancy masks
  • Hawaiian Luau – Grab your leis, your hula skirt, and lets dance on the beach

Group Photo Shoot

Group Photo Shoot

Capture the memories of your Grad Trip with an exclusive group photo shoot with a professional photographer. Everyone from your class will remember these moments for the rest of their lives!

Every trip is unique. To see the specific details on your trip, click on the "I'm Ready" button and input your Trip Code. No Trip Code? No problem. Get one here.

A Typical Day On S‑Trip!

Build your own adventure!

Wake Up
9:15 AM

Jump out of bed and wake up your roomie who for some reason wore a hula skirt to bed, brush teeth and you’re out to start your day.

Info Desk Hang Out
9:30 AM

Give an S-Trip! Leader a high five, and get all the info you need for the entire day.

Breakfast Time
9:45 AM

Nom nom nom. Fresh cooked omelette and bacon, with a side of pineapple and passion fruit. Can anyone say seconds?

Best part of the day
10:45 AM

Beach hangouts with the crew. Turn on the tunes and catch some rays. So I can stay here forever...right?

Pool Party!
1:00 PM

S-Trip! Leaders organized some games, brought in a DJ and everything. This will be amazing, I’m definitely in!

Included Excursion
2:30 PM

Head to the S-Trip! coach bus. Grab your crew, it’s time to explore. Time to pick up some souvenirs for the folks, and snap a ton of photos. This place is amazing!

Grad Gala
6:30 PM

Put on your finest and head to a special Grad Dinner with everyone. S-Trip! actually booked out an entire restaurant just for you and your friends! This is unreal.

Tight n' Bright
8:30 PM

Everyone looks like they could glow in the dark, this is going to be next level.

To The disco!
10:00 PM

Strut into the disco. DJ is playing all of the hits, and the S-Trip! Leaders are passing out tons of glow sticks. This is awesome.

Hit Up The D Floor
11:30 PM

Time to show off those dance moves you’ve been working on for months. Best. Night. Ever.

Last Info Desk Hang Out
12:45 AM

Sign-in and head back to your room while singing some catchy Spanish tune overheard early in the buffet.

Can't Wait For Tomorrow
1:00 AM

Need to get some ZZZ’s. Tomorrow is Leaders vs. student beach soccer, monster relay, volunteering, dinner with new mega buddies, Graffiti night event...and so much more. Booyah!

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