Garth Webb Secondary School


From this trip I have met lots of new people and had the time of my life with my friends. Its a trip you dont wanna miss!
I wish I could go back and do it all over again!


Sir Wilfrid Laurier


It is easy to say “Oh this is the best day ever!” but after this past week in Cayo Santa Maria I can honestly say it was the most amazing week of my life. Arriving at night to our resort made it difficult to find our rooms but with the help of the S-Trip! staff, I found it in no time. I suggest buying the excursions in advance because once you get to the resort pre-sale prices are over and you will regret not going on them! I made so many new friends within one day even with the S-Trip! staff because they are awesome! Take part in all the activities that go on and make it a trip to remember!


Sturgeon Heights


Easily the best part of my #TripOfALifetime was the volunteer experience. I looked forward to this day from the time I signed up for S-Trip! and when the day finally came, I don’t think there was anyone more excited than I was. We left the resort first thing in the morning and we went to a local school (on the island of Cozumel) for children with disabilities. As soon as we got there, I knew it was going to be one of the most life changing experiences of my ENTIRE life, and boy was I right. All of the kids were so sweet and simply didn’t have a care in the world. All they wanted was to have fun and be kids. We got to play some games with them and then help to paint a classroom inside the school. After that, we played, coloured and learned new things about Mexico and about the kids from the kids themselves.

While we were playing, one of our leaders asked the group if anyone had the song “Let It Go” from Frozen on their phone…I did. We played the song for a little girl who was probably Frozen’s biggest fan. She knew every word to the song in English and Spanish. It was adorable. Four of us sat there and sang along to the song with her as she lit up, overjoyed.

Later on, I found a little boy named Jose who took me all around the school, showing me everything outside and what seemed like everything he loved. He didn’t speak any English so communicating was tough but we still made it work through general actions. He stuck to me like glue as we went around the school and played with the other kids. He was super sweet and one of the kindest kids I’ve ever met.

At the end of our day there, we got to handout gifts from Canada to each of the kids. Everyone got something special, from notebooks, to pens and pencils, to slippers. I got the privilege of handing out a Canada pin to each of the kids. They were all so happy with the simplest, small pin on their shirts. It felt so good to be able to make them all so happy with something so small and something that is almost invaluable to a Canadian who sees these small pins all the time. I wish that our time with these children could have been longer. It honestly could not have been any better than it was. Even just a few hours with them was so rewarding. Just to see their faces light up with true happiness from the smallest of actions was the best feeling. This experience made me want to volunteer more at home and abroad. I find myself thinking about ways that I can volunteer my time to make the lives of others better, and each time, I can’t wait to do it all over again.

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Nantyr Shores

Organizing and going on this trip has been the best experience of my life, it was so awesome to see everything come together and be able to go on this trip with such amazing people in the end. My expectations for this trip were extremely high, and I was not disappointed whatsoever. I have made so many new friends on this trip and I have been able to try so many new things and because of this I have so many amazing memories. No words or pictures can explain how amazing this trip was, I would recommend going on this trip to absolutely everyone thinking of going, everyone who does not end up going always regrets it in the end! I am extremely thankful I was able to experience such an amazing trip, I would give anything to relive such an awesome week!

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Portage Collegiate Institute

My week in Cayo Coco was action packed, full of new friends, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had. It felt so unusual to be in a tropical paradise surrounded by my friends that I grew up with, and stood by a week before and graduated high school with.

Every day was excitingly different, but yet familiar. Each morning when you woke up, you knew with S-Trip! you;d be having another amazing day with your classmates and always making new friends.

My favourite part of #GradTrip was the theme parties every night, it made the experience even better because it made you really immerse yourself in to the theme. During the day, the events such as Ms./Mr. S-Trip! or battle of the sexes, were always a fun time. You could never be bored.

I hope to travel with S-Trip! again soon, or even better, become a destination staff member!

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Le Sommet

It is honestly really hard to choose the best part of the trip! This trip was honestly a trip of a life time just like you guys advertise it! I sure liked to party, but after helping the kids at the school it changed my life. Being in another country and seeing how different things are then in Canada you realize how good we get everything! Seeing all of there faces change when we gave them all the gifts is a priceless and once in a life time things. That being said, it feels really good to help others!

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Aden Bowman Collegiate

Grad trip was the best way to end my high school grad. The amount of new friends I met while on this trip was unreal; everyone was so friendly to each other and made everyone feel included. The staff was so friendly and always had something fun for the students to do. There were three events that stood out to me the most during this trip. One was the Zip line adventure where you zipped between trees and over huge drops and on the way back from the excursion we got stuck in traffic and started singing songs to pass the time. The second event was the beach party at the resort where we had a DJ right on the beach and had over 200 kids dancing and having a good time. And the third was when we went into Tamarindo and got to shop, explore the city, and even try surfing.



Erindale Secondary School

I can honestly say that my Grad Trip spent in the Dominican Republic with S-Trip! was the best week of my life. I was very hesitant on going on the trip before hand but I am so glad I decided to go! This trip brought together old friends and created new friendships as well. On behalf of my school I can say that all of us grew closer together over the trip and after being home for a few weeks we are all still sharing the same bond we made on S-Trip!Over the week we created amazing memories from dancing all night at the events S-Trip! set up for us to simply relaxing by the ocean. If it wasn’t for S-Trip! none of this would be possible so on behalf of all of us, thank you!



Duchess Park Secondary School

Never in my life have I ever felt so happy and blissful for 7 days straight. Waking up in paradise everyday was so therapeutic, walking to the beach whenever I so chose was so empowering. Everywhere you looked there was palm trees and some form of body of water. The smell of tropical paradise followed you everywhere, and you never got tired of it. Our resort was so clean and crisp I was overjoyed and the food was excellent. I was in charge of my own life, my own decisions. The staff were so kind and helpful and they always had my back, so if those decisions I made weren’t so great, they made sure I didn’t fall too hard. The activities and excursions that were made available to us were phenomenal. The volunteer trip was my absolute favourite though. I really felt like we were making a difference to the kids, just by playing with them and learning their language. I learned so much about myself from them and for that I am eternally grateful. Even though all we did was paint their basketball court and weeding their garden, you could tell by their faces we mad a huge difference. I would go back on S-Trip! in a heart beat and if you are looking for a trip where you can be truly happy with your friends and make more friends, S-Trip! is for you!



Queen Elizabeth District High School

Organizing my groups trip was the best first step to making my grad trip amazing! I loved getting my friends pumped by tagging them in Instagram photos, tweets and YouTube videos. When you organize you are able to make sure that your trip is exactly the way you want it to be! The vibe was positive and high when we landed in Varadero, but it escalated even more when we got to the resort as S-Trip! staff and fellow students greeted us with high fives! My group volunteered at an arts school, we painted part of their building and when the work was done we played soccer and volleyball with the kids. The older students taught everyone how to salsa individually and in pairs; I love to dance and everyone says that I am now pro at it!

One memory that I will never forget is my catamaran experience. On our journey back to shore my friends and I decided to start a dance party and everyone joined in (including the captain and his crew)! We started a congo line and used a broom for limbo! We were dancing on the seats and filled the entire floor, it was amazing! If any grade eleven is contemplating signing up my advice is go for it! You will never be able to go on a trip with all your friends and other students from across the country without the burden of self-planning your day and night activities! S-Trip! staff take care of everything and it is a LOT easier for them to plan a sweet trip then doing it on your own! If you don’t go on your grad trip you will regret it and for those who are signed up for future trips make sure you soak up every moment because you will miss it once you return home! Thanks S-Trip! this was an unforgetable experience!



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