Parent Testimonials

Reviews from the parents of S-Trip! travelers

S-Trip! Parent Reviews

Sheryl Eberhardt

"When I realized how long the company had been in business I felt a lot better. We have traveled quite a bit as a family but he had never gone on his own. I was impressed with the staff I saw or spoke to. Thanks for caring how we all feel! Hopefully Mike can be a staff someday!"

S-Trip! Parent Reviews

Rick and Heather Hewat

"Our contact with S-Trip! has been nothing but positive. Thanks for all that you did and do! S-Trip! seems to be a quality organization that we are proud to have our daughter involved with."

S-Trip! Parent Reviews

Tanya Bolitski

"S-Trip! was a fabulous experience from the beginning. Shelby returned from her vacation more confident and mature having experienced this adventure without her Dad and I tagging along. She returned with a greater appreciation of how other parts of the world live and a new found interest in travel."

S-Trip! Parent Reviews

Ashley K.

"Excellent support! It was AMAZING going to the airport and right at the Air Canada Rouge area seeing S-Trip! people who immediately helped my son get checked him and guided him to where exactly he needed to go! below email I sent was answered quickly and very detailed to my questions. Thanks again!"

S-Trip! Parent Reviews

Olivia M.

"My son Corey had an allergic reaction to something he ate one day, and started breaking out all over his arms and chest and started having trouble breathing. We later found out he was allergic to pineapples, which we never knew about. I got a call at work from Amanda, one of the S-Trip! supervisors, on their way to the clinic. She called again when they arrived at the clinic with an update on Corey’s condition. Obviously as a parent with a teenager in a different country I was very concerned.

Amanda explained that he had been seen by the doctor and filled me in on all necessary information. She had also already called the insurance company and started a claim. Amanda passed the phone to Corey, and we chatted for a minute or two and he ensured me that he was fine and that the S-Trip! staff were with him the whole time. He said they needed to give him an allergy shot, but he wasn’t afraid.

Corey ended up getting 100% better and avoided pineapples for the rest of the week. Amanda actually set up a meeting with the head chef at the resort to make sure everything else on the menu was fine for him to eat. I felt so much better knowing that there were people there to help out when something could have gone seriously wrong. The entire S-Trip! staff were so great and made this a trip Corey will never forget."

S-Trip! Parents Review

Danielle Verbeek

What was your first impression of S-Trip!?

My daughter, Ashley Verbeek, had went on the S-Trip! a couple of years before Corey and she had an amazing experience and a ton of fun. She was well taken care of and so it was a no brainer to send Corey when it was his time to graduate. I will also be sending my other son in 3 years when he graduates as well.

Did you initially search for more information about S-Trip!? Did you find what you were looking for?

Yes i did. I researched comments made about the company before I made my decision.

How was your interaction with the S-Trip! staff? Any examples?

The staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and patient people.

When Corey got back from the trip, what were some of the stories he told?

He met a lot of new friends, ones that he will have now for life. He still hangs out with some of them. He had a blast on the excursions and he said there was always stuff to do. The resort was beautiful and the S-Trip! staff really took good care of the kids.

From start to finish, can you tell us your overall impression of S-Trip! and how it made an impact on Corey’s life?

Corey had not been out of country by himself (no family members) before. I think he was a little nervous to go at first because he is used to me doing all the planning etc. He gained more independence and realized he can trust others to look out for his best interests.

Would you recommend S-Trip! to other parents thinking about sending their son/daughter on a trip?

I would invite any parents who are nervous to send their children to email me and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions that you may have, I would most definitely recommend S-Trip to parents!!

Any last comments on your S-Trip! experience as a parent?

I knew my son was safe when I sent him because I had also sent my daughter 2 years prior to Corey going. Both of my children said it was the best trip they have ever been on in their entire lives!


Jamie D

"My son is home safe and sound and says he had a blast meeting new people from all over. he had a great experience so i am grateful for that!"


Casey O

"My son had the time of his life!!!"


Donna C

"We visited our daughter during her stay as we were vacationing down the beach. We were approached outside of the hotel by one of the S-Trip! Leaders to find out who we were. That was reassurance that the students were safe and being watched while at the hotel"


Christine A

"My son had the time of his life and can't stop talking about it!!!"
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