Fun & Safe

35+ years running life-changing student travel experiences

Since our very first trip, safety has always been our #1 priority. This has led us to develop our industry leading safety system that ensures not only fun, but safe travel experiences. We are committed to a standard of excellence focused on creating happy travelers and the #TripofaLifetime.

Medical Emergency Procedure (Pre-Travel & On-Site)

7 Step Pre-travel medical emergency procedure

  1. We establish relationships and work with hotel/travel partners with exemplary safety protocols
  2. We review all medical procedures with onsite medical professionals, including on-resort doctors and nurses.
  3. Traveler fills out medical condition form
  4. Our team reviews every medical condition form response
  5. Escalated medical conditions receive a follow up from an S-Trip! staff to ensure travel is best option for student
  6. On-site coordinators are debriefed on travelers with medical conditions on their program
  7. Coordinators meet with travelers with medical conditions upon arrival to destination and review emergency procedures
On-Site Medical Procedure

One of our staff will be with the traveler as soon as possible until the situation has stabilized and the traveler returns to the resort.

  1. Get immediate medical attention for the traveler
  2. Contact parent or guardian and notify of situation
  3. Contact S-Trip! head office and notify of situation
  4. Contact insurance partner to start claim file
  5. Communicate any updated information from doctor to parent or guardian (ongoing)
  6. If necessary, help make travel arrangements for parent/guardian to destination
  7. Once stabilized, find suitable transportation back to resort
  8. Continue checking on traveler throughout week and help them whenever needed
Medical Experience

We have extensive experience in traveling students with existing medical conditions. No one should miss out on their trip of a lifetime.

  • Over 2000 medical condition forms are filled out every year by our travelers
  • 10% of travelers have an allergy
  • 5% of travelers have asthma
  • 1% of travelers have a severe medical condition
  • We have experience traveling students in wheelchairs


Please review the expectations for S-Trip!, Travelers, and Parents:

S-Trip! Leaders do:
  • Follow check-in system 3 times per day
  • Roam the resort and make themselves available at all S-Trip! activities, excursions, & events
  • Manage all medical emergencies including accompanying traveler to clinic and contacting parents
  • Ensure a Leader can be reached via the front desk throughout the night in case of emergency
  • Perform extensive briefing upon arrival to review the S-Trip! Code and guidelines to a fun and safe Grad Trip
  •  Call parents when there is an infraction to the S-Trip! Code
  • Remove offenders that pose a threat to themselves or others
  • Ensure hotel checks traveler I.D. upon arrival to receive age appropriate wristbands
  • Establish alcohol consumption policy with hotel management & staff
  • Work with hotel gift shop to limit access to purchase alcohol
S-Trip! Leaders do not:
  • Know the exact location of every traveler at all times
  • Watch or supervise individual travelers unless related to an incident
  • Enter rooms of travelers, unless in case of emergency
  •  See all actions of travelers and are not present at all times to help curb behaviour or language
  •  Smell drinks for alcohol
  • Supervise all bartenders at all times
  • Guarantee travelers will not get drinks from other guests
  •  Guarantee that travelers will not have access to alcohol from shops or other means
Expectations of parents:
  • Sit down with son or daughter & read the S-Trip! Code
  • Set expectations of behaviour

Have a mature conversation about decisions your child may be faced with on Grad Trip, similar to a friday night out, and in a couple months at college/university.

Expectations of Travelers:
  • Act like an adult & treat others with respect
  • Be responsible for your own actions
  • Be safe on balconies and in the water
  • If you're the age of majority, please drink responsibly
  • Be respectful of other guests, especially during quiet hours
  • Sign-in at the S-Trip! Info desk 3 times per day and let us know you are safe
  • Bring any problem directly to leaders who are ready to provide assistance
  • If you can be smart and safe back home on a Friday night then you will have a fun and safe experience on Grad Trip


Learn More About Our Staff

Parent Testimonial

Stories from the parents of S-Trip! travelers

S-Trip! CEO Alex sat down with Nancy, whose daughter Rachael went on S-Trip!, and asked about her experience as a parent and allowing her child to go on Grad Trip.


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Happy Traveler Standards

With our knowledge and years of experience in the travel industry, we created 4 indicators that determine whether we've achieved these goals. They are tracked and measured by our teams daily and are used to make improvements while trips are operating. We call these indicators our Happy Traveler Standards.

Safety - Our #1 and only 'non-negotiable' Standard. Creating peace of mind for all travelers.

Seamless Operations - Building and executing every aspect of a trip with a detailed focus.

Inclusive - Ensuring no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries prevent any student from experiencing any aspect of our trips.

Excitement - Creating and providing unique moments that would not be possible without S-Trip!.

Meet Meraj, Vice President of Operations

My job is to continually assess our trips, with an eye on meaningful innovation and improvement, resulting in a fun and safe experience for every traveler. I am determined to ensure that all of our trips are exciting and fun, without ever compromising your safety. We take your health and safety very seriously and as such have set-up extensive trainings and procedures for all of our Trip Leaders to follow in case of emergency. By having these procedures in place, our teams can then focus on delivering the other Happy Traveler Standards that result in your #TripofaLifetime!

Building the #TripofaLifetime

100+ full-time staff working year round to create your ultimate Grad Trip

Trip Development

Staff: Director of Program Planning, Director of Destinations, and Operation Managers.
We research new resorts, excursions, and destinations to make sure you only get the best.

First Destination Inspection

Staff: Director of Program Planning, Director of Destinations, Resort, Tour Operators
We fly down to meet with all major suppliers to ensure they meet S-Trip!'s standards of excellence.

Trip Schedule

Staff: Destination Team and Program Directors
Our team creates your entire trip schedule. We confirm everything from the Grad Gala to excursions.

Staff Training and Certification

Staff: Talent Team
Senior destination staff begin training over 6 months before the trip, and all staff go through a series of training and certification steps.

Traveler Medical Form Review

Staff: Destination Team and Program Directors
Our team reviews every medical condition form received, and will follow up with any travelers that require secondary follow up.

Final Destination Inspection

Staff: Director of Program Planning, Director of Destinations, and Operation Managers
We meet with all hotel managers, excursion managers, and venue owners to review the trip schedule.

Itinerary Released

Staff: Operations Team and Destination Team
Flight and travel itinerary released to travelers minimum 60 days before departure.

Pre-Trip Meeting

Staff: Entire company
All staff attend a pre-trip meeting to go over final trip details

Staff Arrive On-Site

Staff: Destination Staff
Senior coordinators fly down to begin setting up the trip.

Your Trip

Staff: Destination Staff and Support Staff in Office
Woohoo! It's finally here. 18 months in the making, and it's time to celebrate

Trip Debrief

Staff: Entire Company
Survey sent to travelers, parents, and suppliers. We analyze survey results and hold a debrief on improvements to provide the #TripofaLifetime.


Partners & Accreditations

Tried and tested, we only work with the best!

Air Canada

Nino Montagnese

Nino Montagnese

Managing Director, Sun Markets at Air Canada Vacations

“The partnership between Air Canada Vacations and S-Trip! has been valuable to our growth and product offering. S-Trip! is managed by strong leadership and a dedicated team, and their innovative travel opportunities have left a mark on youth around the world. Air Canada Vacations is proud to say that it’s a partner of S-Trip!”

Air Transat

Denise Heffron

Denise Heffron

Vice President of National Sales & Commercial

“We’ve been working with S-Trip! for more than 10 years. Their entrepreneurial spirit combined with their expertise in the student markets makes them unique. They understand the youth of today and provide travel options that are both appealing and educational. The Transat organization is very proud to work with such an innovative and professional team.”

Airline Partners

Air Canada


Air Transat



United Airlines

American Airlines


JetBlue Airways

US Airways

Air Tran

Spirit Airlines


Alaska Airlines

Resort Partners

Occidental Hotels & Resorts

Barceló Hotels & Resorts

Bahia Clubs & Resorts

Grand Paradise

Melia Hotels International




Insurance Partners

Manulife Financial

Travel Guard


Consumer Protection BC



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