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Top 5 Reasons why you should become an S-Trip! Organizer!

Become an S-Trip! Organizer! #ThisIsGradTrip
1. Become a hero for your grade

Your friends will remember this trip for the rest of their lives and will thank you. No joke, one of our Organizers from 10 years ago just held her high school reunion and everyone was STILL talking about the memories they made on that trip. It's no small feat to get everyone out for a trip like this, but it's SO WORTH IT.

Become an S-Trip! Organizer! #ThisIsGradTrip
2. Develop skills that you can't learn in school

Past Organizers know that being an S-Trip! Organizer changed them as a person. You will strengthen your leadership skills, learn about time management, become more organized, and bump up your communication skills! You'll also brush up on your social media, promotion, public speaking, and brainstorming skills.

Become an S-Trip! Organizer! #ThisIsGradTrip
3. Gain experience for your resume and college applications

S-Trip! Organizers receive reference letters, and a certificate of achievement after their Grad Trip. Hundreds of Organizers use these in their applications to college, for scholarships, and jobs.

Become an S-Trip! Organizer! #ThisIsGradTrip

4. Start your career experience now!

We love to hire past travelers. Our hiring practice highlights all applicants who have traveled with us before and gives them a leg up during the hiring process. More than 50% of our current staff traveled with us on trips when they were in high school. Start now to get the #JobofaLifetime.

Become an S-Trip! Organizer! #ThisIsGradTrip

5. Experience an amazing week in paradise

Work together with your fellow Organizers to get all of your friends to join you on the #TripofaLifetime. Not only will everyone thank you after the trip, but you'll be able to experience the week alongside them and with enough sign-ups, you and your Organizer Team could earn your way to a free trip!*

*All trips and/or discounts will be divided evenly amongst all Organizers in the group. The number of passengers and amount of trips rewarded will be based on active passengers at the time of the trip. Your Trip Planner has more details about the Organizer discount.



Once you're on the trip, Organizers get a special wristband, welcome package, and identification so that everyone knows who made this happen!

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