What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

by S-Trip! Staff, 5 years ago


Summer's almost here and it's the perfect time to invest in a new pair of sunnies! There's so many different options
so how do you choose the right pair? Well we're here to review and help you pick out the perfect pair to compliment your
wonderful personality. Check out what your shades say about you!


You have a strong and driven personality and should possibly consider joining the
military or joining the CIA. James Bond is your idol and you’ve seen Die Hard a
thousand times. You’re a natural leader and keep your cool in any situation.



You are confident, stylish and love being an individual. Audrey Hepburn is probably
your style icon and you absolutely love black and white movies. These shades, along
with your flirtatious confidence, make you stand out in any crowd!

taylor swift


You are the life of the party! You love to be the centre of attention and are always
down to try something new. Everyone knows you for your legendary stories and take
charge personality.

neon sunglasses katyperryneon


You have a big personality and love everything glamorous. You definitely keep up with
all the latest trends and live for runway season. You may be seen as a diva but hey,
if the Kardashians can own it so can you!



You have a classic personality with a bit of a flair. You love thrift shopping and
probably own a record player. You like to discover new things and don’t care what
anyone thinks.




You have an athletic and adventurous personality and put function ahead of style.
You’re focused and always prepared for anything. You are always ready for action
and do well under pressure.




You have an EPIC personality. You are definitely one of the coolest people on the
beach and are always decked out in the best neon swag out there. Travel and the
beach are always on your mind and you have a good vibes only attitude.
Check out what Grad Trip is all about!

Staff sunglasses pic



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