Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer on S-Trip!

by S-Trip! Staff, 5 years ago

The Volunteer Experience is included on every single S-Trip! and is consistently the best rated excursion by our travelers. Not convinced yet? Here are the Top 5 reasons to get up a bit early one day on your #GradTrip and give back to the community that is hosting you on your #TripofaLifetime!
1. Gain a new perspective

Our Volunteer Abroad program is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and see the world in a different way. Especially in Cuba, where we're one of the only tour operators that can visit local schools, this may be a once in a lifetime chance to see a certain corner of the world. Don't miss out!

“I signed up for Volunteer Abroad because I was intrigued! There is very little publicity about quality of life in Cuba and I was curious about how the locals live and how we could contribute. The best part of the day was making my new friend Henny. The language barrier was heavy but we connected through soccer and wrestling.” - Ethan Boechler, The Cayos of Cuba, summer 2016

2. Learn something new

All of our volunteer projects involve a work component and a cultural exchange, so whether you get your hands dirty by contributing to one of our home builds or pick up some salsa moves during a dance lesson, you're bound to gain some new skills!

The volunteer experience was awesome! The interaction with the students was so much fun, but the work we contributed to the school was the best part. I will definitely volunteer again thanks to S-Trip!!!” - Zach Osterlund, Authentic Cuba, summer 2014

3. Meet the BEST people around!

A big part of our Volunteer Abroad program is the opportunity to interact with local community members, including some of the hardest working schoolchildren and dedicated families that want put in a lot of time to help move their communities forward. Leaders like Maria, below, become celebrities on our trips!

PUJ Volunteer 3

“It was great to see the culture and to meet some amazing people. My favourite moment was when we had a dance party with the kids to both Canadian and Cuban music!” - Austin Johnson, Cayos of Cuba, March Break 2015

4. Contribute to something BIG!

Since March Break 2014, the first program where Volunteer Abroad was included on all destinations, we’ve had 14,239 travelers volunteer a total of 59,956 hours with us! By choosing to make the Volunteer Experience part of their #TripofaLifetime, these travelers have built 12 houses, completed 33 school renovations, and planted over 500 trees. We can't wait to see what you'll help us accomplish!


“Volunteering at Monkey Park today was a group effort and its not always about getting it all done today but having others help continue the progress we started next time.” - Trevor Pamplin & Adam Bartlett, Viva Costa Rica, summer 2015

5. Leave inspired

Our travelers tell us that the Volunteer Experience is something they'll never forget. Or that it changed their life. Or that they want to go back again the next day.


“Not only did we inspire these kids but they inspired me! How does that even happen? Its just amazing.” - Ricki Beagle, Southern Dominican Sun, summer 2014

Read more about our volunteer projects, and read this blog to make sure you pack everything you need for the Volunteer Experience on your #GradTrip!

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