The Top 5 Airport Pastimes

by S-Trip! Staff, 4 years ago

Your bags have already been checked, you've got your boarding pass all ready to go, and you find yourself with a couple hours to kill at the airport. Here's the top 5 ways to make the best use of your time while doing so:

1. Have a snooze

Because you don't want to be the only one who's not ready to have some fun when you land on destination! Board the plane feeling fresh to death.


2. The "Moving sidewalks" or "people movers"


We all know everyone gets a little excited when they see these things. You can just stand there and chill while this walkway moves you along. Take these to navigate around the airport and explore on your feet when you're a little bored before your flight!

To see more footage on how these things can be a great time, watch here -

3. Treat yo'self

Some airports have really great restaurants, stores to shop at, massage chairs for massaging, you name it!



4. Read magazines at the airport stores

Get up to date for free! This is a great way to keep busy, pass the time, and learn about the latest celeb-gossip.


5. Create a bucket list with who you're traveling with of everything you MUST do on your trip!

This is to ensure that you have your #TripOfALifetime. Check back on this bucket list on your flight home and see if you've accomplished everything! Then for every travel you have coming up next, do the same thing, and keep every bucket list you have written as memoirs from all of your travel experiences.




Happy traveling!

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