S-Trip! Reviews the top 11 group Grad Trip Photos

by Derek Champoux, 4 years ago

S-Trip! Reviews - The best group photo shoots of all-time

Included FREE on S-Trip! is a Group Photo Shoot with your #MegaBuddies. We challenge you to come up with the most epic group photo that you'll look back on in 20 years and smile.

Our crew put together an S-Trip! review of all past group photo shoots, and compiled the best of the best. The more creative the better! These are the photos you're going to be showing off on all of your socials, so make it count. Think of some fun props, formations, setting, whatever!

Check out the top 11 all-time group photo shoots from S-Trip!, and try and make the list next year.

s-trip reviews

Here are 11 epic group photos from past trips. Can you top them?

#1 We mean business

This group came prepared and even brought their official grad caps! This is the real Graduation photo you'll be showing off for years to come.

s-trip reviews

#2 The classic jump

Let's be real, you know you've been there before. Don't act like you've never done a jumping shot on the beach before. It's almost like a rite of passage, isn't it?

Included on your trip - Grad Photos

#3 With a small group...

Just because the squad isn't big doesn't mean you can represent. This is your chance to get super creative, and make sure that your group stands out from the crowd.

s-trip reviews

#4 ...Or with all of your #MegaBuddies

On the flip side, sometimes it's a little more fun with all of your friends. Granted it will take you 2 days to tag everyone in your photo on Instagram, but heck, it'll be worth it.

s-trip reviews

#5 Hands in the air like you just don't care

Raise the roof. People still say that right? No? Ah well, this is always a classic, and guess what, it's one of the easiest to execute. Just picture that you're on a roller coaster and you'll be just fine.

s-trip reviews

#6 "Let's pretend to laugh"

This requires a ton of preparation, focus, and hard work. Everyone needs to be on the same page. You just don't want to be that friend that laughs too hard, and gets salt water up their nose.

s-trip reviews

#7 The attention seeker

We all have that friend that wants to be the center of attention. Mr. or Miss. show off. But hey, we still love em. Just give them their time to shine and move on.

s-trip reviews

#8 The Solo

This is your time to shine. Show off some skills, and make this your profile pic for the next 2 years. You can do it.

s-trip reviews

#9 Don't forget the inflatable pizza

This should be rule #1 when taking your group photo shoot. In fact, it should be the #1 thing on your packing list.

1. Inflattable pizza - Check

2. Sunscreen - Check

3. Bathing suit - Check

s-trip reviews

#10 With your favourite staff

The S-Trip! staff are constantly reviewed as being one of the best parts of the trip. Show em some love and invite them into your group photo shoot. Pssst. Just a FYI, we LOVE group photo shoots!

s-trip reviews

#11 Dab city

Yeah, this might be a fad, but we don't care. Whatever's the newest thing, get your group on the same page and make your photo epic. S-Trip! reviews all the latest trends, so just chat with a staff to get some ideas.

s-trip reviews
You can get fully prepared and looking fresh for your group photo by heading over to the S-Trip! Store and grabbing some epic gear.
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The countdown to Grad Trip is on! Login to your My Profile to see your Grad Trip counter and all of the details around your trip! S-Trip! reviews the top Grad Trip quotes of all time. Check them out here!

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