S-Trip! Reviews – Being a Trip Leader!

by Derek Champoux, 4 years ago

S-Trip! Reviews - Being a Trip Leader!

Being a Trip leader is the #JobofaLifetime! Words cannot express how amazing it is to help thousands of students have their #TripofaLifetime and to be able to make such a positive impact on Grad Trip! Here are some things you should know before applying to be a Trip Leader!


1. Becoming #MegaBuddies

Throughout the process you will meet so many amazing staff from I Love Travel. On Destination you will work with 10-25 Canadian and in Country Staff and you will have a forever group of #MegaBuddies that you can reach out to whenever! As a Trip Leader you will get to meet up with a group of students at the airport and travel with them to your final destination! Maybe not on the plane ride but over the week, you will become so close with these students, will become a family! Plus, think about all the new Instagram followers...


2. #TripofaLifetime to #JobofaLifetime

Like it was said earlier, your #TripofaLifetime was amazing time, but working for S-Trip! and having the #JobofaLifetime and helping hundreds and hundreds students have their trip of a lifetime is even a more amazing experience! Your Grad Trip may be a once in a lifetime experience but becoming a staff member you can do again and again! It’s one thing to have experiences yourself, but to be able to make a positive impact on other people’s lives and allow them to have experiences like this is such a rewarding experience!


3. Excursions

Yes, that’s right – you get to go on excursions! Whether it’s the Volunteer Experience, Catamaran Cruise, City Tour, Deep Sea Fishing, Surfing, Zipline, or Jeep Safari – you get to go! Students going on excursions need a Trip Leader and you could be that Trip Leader!


4. Night Events

Have you ever heard of any other job where part of your job description is attending Foam Parties, Hawaiian Luau's, Tight N' Bright theme night, Masquerades, Graffiti Nights, Beach bashes and Street parties? No? Well it’s part of your job description when you’re a Trip Leader on Grad Trip!


5. You Get to Travel and Explore

This job automatically allows you to see parts of the world you may not have seen without this opportunity! You get to travel to these places, stay in a beautiful resort, immerse yourself in the culture, try new things and make amazing memories! And it’s all a part of your job.


6. Break Time

You will get breaks and you can take them on the beach! I  don’t think you can say this about any other job! Breaks at the beach? Enough said.


7. Instagram From The Beach!

It is encouraged when you are a Trip Leader to take photos – of yourself, of your experiences and of you and the students! These photos will most definitely make an appearance on your Instagram feed – and with those new Instagram followers – and you will get tons of likes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.42.24 AM



Being a Trip Leader is an amazing experience! It’s THE #JobofaLifetime – you get to help hundreds and hundreds of students have their #TripofaLifetime and it’s the best feeling in the entire world!

Guest Blog Post By Dream Team Member - Shelby Bolitsky

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