S-Trip! Reviews – 7 Must Bring Items on a Road Trip!

by Derek Champoux, 6 years ago

When were not heading out on a plan or working we love to get away for a mini vacation and that means.. ROAD TRIP! We review the top 7 essential items to bring with you on the road!
1. GPS & Directions!

If you know where you're headed its great to have your GPS updated and programmed with your end destination and other destinations on your route. Updating your GPS before hitting the road with make sure its aware of any road changes or closures. If you have an end destination its good to have that address programmed before leaving and letting a loved one know your approximate location while travelling! If you don't own a GPS or have one you can borrow for your journey ahead be sure to print off a map of your route before hitting the road! Google Maps is a great resource if you aren't a CAA or AAA member! Heading out with both a freshly updated GPS and hard copy of directions leaves the worrying at home and allows for more karaoke.


2. Cooler & Snacks

The key to a happy road trip is keeping everyone in the vehicle tummy happy! Be sure to fill your cooler with lots of water, juice, snacks and ice! That way theres no need for much stopping on the road and everyone can grab a drink and snack when needed!


3. AUX Cord, USB Cord, CD's & Playlists

Every car is different! Be sure to check with you road trip buddies what kind of adaptor can be used to listen to music, podcasts or even recorded comedy shows. Bring the proper adaptor with an updated playlist and any CD's you might like to listen to on the road! Depending on the drive, there will be plenty of time for everyone to listen to something they enjoy.


4. Emergency Car Kit

Travelling is full of surprises and thats whats makes it such an amazing experience! Sometimes these surprises can be hard to predict! Be prepared and keep an emergency car kit with some essentials like booster cables, windshield washer fluid, tire patch kit, etc.


5. Blanket & Pillow

Cars aren't always the comfiest places to be for long periods of time. Create an extra comfy area when you have some time of from driving and being co pilot by bringing a blanket and pillow from home to catch a few zzz in the back seat! Stay well rested for your next shift of driving without having a pinch in your neck!


6. Toiletries

Road trips are unpredictable! One second your cruising through the country and then stuck in city traffic! Be sure to bring some essential toiletries from home incase you and the rest of your car mates want to stop in a cute restaurant for dinner! Freshen up real quick with some face wipes, deodorant, and dry shampoo!


7. First Aid Kit

Theres are usually always some cool spots along the road to hop out and take a walk, hike, or even take photos at a look out spot. When hoping out of the car scraps and cuts can happen! Be sure to pack a small first aid kit for any tiny tumbles or falls!


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