Top 18 S-Trip! Photoshoot Ideas

by Derek Champoux, 5 years ago

Take total advantage of your INCLUDED Professional Group Photo Shoot! Each Grad Trip, destination and hotel will be equiped with our very own trained S-Trip! Photographer! To get things rolling during your drop in time we've put together a series of our favourite and most popular poses!

Check our our favourite poses and get some inspiration for your Professional Group Photo Shoot!

Whole Schools Here!


The 'Fake' Laugh
 entire school trips
Epic Group Selfie!
The GQ Boys!
S-trip grad trips
The Big Fish!
s-trip photos
Running out of the Water!
Running into the Water!
s-trip reviews
The Peekaboo!
The Group Huddle!
group travel
Point at the Camera!
Classic Hashtag Sign!
Our Favourite S-Trip! Leader!
S-Trip! Staff
The Views From Paradise!

s trip

The Prom Pose!
student travel
Hands in the Air!
Senior trip 2018
The Squad!
Point at the Organizer!
The Piggyback!
The Handstand!

S-trip leaders

Don't be afraid to play with these set poses and brainstorm with your group what you would like to create during your shoot! The more ideas the better!

Enjoy every minute of your Professional Group Photo Shoot, we can't wait to look back on all the memories from your #TripofaLifetime!

Go to the S-Trip! Store to get gear and look sharp during their photo shoot.


S-Trip! has been making the news! Check out the articles in Canadian Business (see here), and the Toronto Sun.

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