S-Trip! Myths – Top 11 Myths and Misconceptions about Grad Trip

by Derek Champoux, 5 years ago

It’s a big step to send your son or daughter traveling without their parent or guardian. Here we review common myths or misconceptions about S-Trip! to help everyone feel safe and prepared for their Grad Trip.

What you should know:

S-Trip! was recently awarded the Global Youth Travel Award for Best Youth Tour Operator beating out other international travel brands Rustic Pathways & Bus 2 Alps. Thousands of travel companies around the world are eligible for this award and it is given out by the World Youth Student Travel Conference.

Our Pledge:

As we created the S-Trip! Myths page we wanted to address the 11 most common misconceptions about our brand and assure all our travelers and their guardians that we are the leader in Youth Travel.

As we grow and travel more students each year we want to be transparent with our ever growing community and share all the hard work and dedication we put into our trips. We are committed to training our Trip Leader teams to be exceptional during travel, on all trips and on the return home. We believe in our mentorship skills from our returning and experienced staff to help guide and teach newer Leaders. This sense of mentorship is passed down from Trip Leaders to Travelers.

We are continuing to stay Committed to Youth and encourage all guardians/parents to have those important conversations prior to travel and in those final years before post-secondary or the next chapter of life!

We have continued to progress and adapt to the needs of our travelers and their families. S-Trip! has been “Making The News,” as seen in the recent articles in The Toronto Sun (read more) & canadianbusiness.com (read more).

We are overjoyed with the amount of positive feedback and reviews from Parents/Guardians of travelers who have traveled with us!


View the TOP 11 S-Trip! Myths & Misconceptions (Click Here)


Our Policies:

Every year S-Trip! meticulously evaluates every program in order to make adjustments that will make Grad Trip even safer. This includes reviewing all practices and protocols from the time a traveler signs up for their #TripofaLifetime until they safely return home after a week in paradise. We have spent 40+ years developing the ultimate Grad Trip that is both fun & safe for youth. Our trips take up to 18 months of planning that involved hundreds of people behind the scene developing a ton of systems, policies, and procedures to make everything perfect.

We truly believe we are the best in the world at creating memorable travel experiences for students and youth. Everyone from the founders of the company, to the Trip Leaders that take students to and from the destination, are involved in the process whether it’s post-travel questionnaires, senior destination Leaders debriefs, or executive analysis of Happy Traveler metrics. All follow-up and feedback is compiled, analyzed, and then implemented into the next set of trip training, safety protocol, standards, and communication.

If you have any further questions please visit our online Help Centre.

If you would like to speak to one of our Help Desk Agents please email info@s-trip.com or call 1-866-627-8747.

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