How To Travel Out Of Carry-on Luggage

by S-Trip! Staff, 4 years ago

So here's what has happened.

Your friends have planned a last minute trip, you're gone for 5 days, and the rest of them don't want to go through the hassle of checking a bag. Of course, you don't want to drag them behind and be the only one checking a bag so subsequently, you have been tasked with the issue of... travelling out of carry-on luggage.

This may be an issue to some - for example, those who can't pack for the life of them or get stressed out and leave it to the last minute - or not an issue at all to others. Regardless, here are some tips of how you can make traveling out of carryon luggage nothing but a breeze.



1. For starters, and this may be completely obvious, but pack the essentials.

There comes a time where you're going to have to realize that packing 6 sweaters "incase you get cold" when going to the Bahamas, becomes straight up excessive. Packing out of carryon luggage will soon become the best thing that has ever happened to you when you discipline yourself to the bare essentials while traveling.

So go through your clothes and pack staple items in your wardrobe - especially things that don't have a lot of patterns and designs so you can mix and match clothes to make it seem like you have more things!


Like for real, don't be that guy.

2. Little containers for your grooming needs.

When packing just a carryon luggage, you're restricted from bringing over 100ml of liquids such as 3 different perfumes, a full shampoo/conditioner bottle, a can of hairspray, 250ml of gel to tame your doo, and whatever else you may believe to be necessary when packing.

For example, some really great things that can help when dealing with the limited liquids issues are facial wipes!


These puppies are great for boys and girls who can leave their face-washing routine at home for a few off days and clean their faces/remove makeup with a little wipe wipe!


3. Lay out everything you think you would need and then get rid of 1/3 of these things!

This is a helpful tactic to help teach you that all of that stuff isn't so necessary and lets you see everything at once so you can vision yourself in what you see to really be needed on vacay!


4. Go somewhere warm

Because leaving those bulky jackets and huge boots behind will be the greatest thing, AND will leave you lots of room for the things that don't take up a whole lot of space - i.e. sandals, bathing suits, etc.


5. Pack your bag as if it is a filing cabinet and use rubber bands... What?

What I mean by this, is when packing your clothes, fold them neatly and vertically so that you can open your small suitcase and see everything in front of you (as if it were a filing cabinet). Packing less clothes may be stressful and you may think when you're on vacation you have nothing to wear, but by being able to visually see everything you have will help you mix and match, and stay organized!

This is where the rubber bands come into play too. When packing your clothes fold them up to small sizes and try placing rubber bands around them. They may not make your bag lighter, but you will definitely be able to fit more without having to shove stuff in.


Your bag will feel like Mary Poppins purse in no time.


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