How Much Spending Money to Bring on S-Trip!

by Derek Champoux, 5 years ago

While travelling to a another country can be tricky when taking out cash in the local currencies we've put together a list of what you can expect to spend some cash on during your #TripofaLifetime! Remember the amount of spending money varies based on the person. This is an all-inclusive holiday so all meals, snacks, and drinks are covered at the Hotel in the cost of the trip (*Trips to the Bahamas run differently so make sure to check your inclusions before you take out cash).

1. Room Damage Protection Plan & Room Damage Deposit 20$ or 60$ (USD)

A room damage deposit or payment is collected from all passengers while on the trip prior to check in at the hotel. All passengers are required to purchase either a non-refundable room damage protection plan for $20 per person (USD), or provide a refundable room damage deposit of $60 per person (USD) - the deposit is refundable upon check-out provided the room is not damaged. Please note, all roommates must take the same room damage protection option.

Note: If travelers want to pay in CAD they must pay $30CAD for the damage protection plan, and $80CAD for the room damage deposit.

For those traveling to Cuba, CAD (Canadian dollars) is the preferred currency.

2. Excursions & Events Package - $100 (USD, CAN or Local Currency - Rates susceptible to change based on currency)

We have some amazing stuff planed for your #TripofaLifetime and if you haven't already purchased Optional Excursions or the Events Package on your My Profile you can do so on Destination if spots are still available! Online purchasing will end one month prior to your #GradTrip. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance to your travel period.

Each Destination offers custom Excursions and Event Packages. Be sure to bring some extra cash for these epic add ons that can be purchased at the Info Desk. Visit My Profile to see your Destinations optional Excursions and Events Packages!

3. Gratuities - Optional

There are many non-S-Trip! Staff that are contributing to the #TripofaLifetime! We work with amazing suppliers and hotel staff to execute the ultimate Grad Trip experience. Bus drivers, food and beverage, and house keeping staff and many more individuals contributing to the #GradTrip experience. It's common to leave your housekeeper a dollar or two every day when they come by to clean and restock your room. It is completely up to you as the Traveler if you would like to tip your driver, server or housekeeper.

Any Staff in an S-Trip! Uniform do not need to be tipped.

4. Souvenirs $30-$40 (Local Currency)

Depending on what you plan on purchasing there will be opportunities to shop on the included City Tour, on site at the gift shop, and at the airport at your departure! Start a tradition and bring a similar item home from all your travels. Holiday ornament, magnet, bracelet, etc. $40 is more than enough to bring home friends and family gifts!

5. On the Flight & Airport Snacks & Food - $10-$20

This can be tricky! Depending on what airport you're flying out of food and snack options can be very limited! Its best to have a meal at the resort before heading to the airport or going through the security check point on your trip home. Be careful if you know you are travelling out of a small airport remember that Flight attendants on the airplane only accept credit card on the flight. Try to set a side a small amount of money to grab something at the gate before boarding if you don't have a credit card.


For any other questions on your #TripofaLifetime please visit our online Help Desk!


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