Grad Trip Travel Essentials 101

by S-Trip! Staff, 4 years ago

Well of course, there's the obvious - Passport, boarding pass, wallet, closed toed shoes and extra underwear. However, there are definitely a few things that may fly under the radar when it comes to ensuring that you're packing the essentials for your #TripofaLifetime! Here are our Expert Travel Tips:

1. A Camera!


Don't just rely on your phone for pictures- although iPhones and Androids have epic quality- it's best to bring a camera to a) save your phone battery b) protect your phone, and c) give you more storage and higher resolution for photos you don't plan to post instantly! Either bring an old camera of yours or borrow a relatives to ensure that memories will be made and captured on your #TripofaLifetime!

2. Some Cash!


You may think your debit or credit card will suffice. However, it's always a safe bet to travel with some local currency with you, because you'll never know if and when you'll need it without having to get to an ATM!

3. Ear Plugs/Ear buds


Travel days can be tough! You never know what delays or obstacles might happen. Block out those night time noises, to make sure you get a solid sleep. Make the most of your days on #GradTrip!

4. Advil/Bandaids!



Always come prepared for airplane headaches, cuts and bruises, and all of that FUN potential stuff on vacation.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Getting sick happens! Being in a different country with new food, heat and a time change can be rough! Its always great to keep in mind when you're out and about in public to use some of this stuff afterwards. Keep the germs away, and the sanitizer closer.

7. Travel-Sized Tissue/Toilet Paper


Nothing is more irritating than discovering that there's no toilet paper in the local washroom you are using. Or if you really need to blow your nose but don't have anything at your convenience.

8. Adapter Converters

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Now it's not to say that it's praised to be using your phone and technology while on vacation, but if you're in need of using them - what good is a non-compatible outlet in a foreign country? Always be prepared and know what the outlets require when you're going away to somewhere new.

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