Dominican Adventure: Nueva York Chiquito (May 2016)

by S-Trip! Staff, 4 years ago

S-Trip! Destination: Dominican Adventure, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
March Break 2016

This March, in the charming community of Nueva York Chiquito, 191 students from East Toronto had the volunteer experience of a lifetime as part of their #TripofaLifetime. Taking a day out of their relaxing vacation to visit a nearby community, these students learned about authentic Dominican Republic.

Daycare pic 1

Our S-Trip! travelers worked quickly to repair this home daycare - so quickly that we got to take on a second project!

We started out with repairing a daycare, and we finished that after only two sessions, so our partners at The NWC and their CLOUD Projects assigned S-Trip! to another project: laying the foundation for a new home for the wonderful Francisca, who was nominated by the community as the recipient of this support. Having 11 grandchildren, Francisca is a kind and loving caregiver. Her old home, built on too low of a foundation, flooded whenever it would rain, greatly inconveniencing her and her family. The new home that she would receive would be a place for her to host all of her children and grandchildren comfortably.

S trip-19

Many hands make light work!

Work on a foundation in Nueva York Chiquito is very important, as the land is essentially a wetland, prone to flooding and land shifting. S-Trip! students were able to get all the work done on building up the land for the foundation of Francisca’s new home. A job that would have taken Francisca and her family months to complete was finished in three days. It’s amazing the good that can be done and the things we can learn when we give our time and energy! Learn more about this program at

S trip-95

Work hard, play hard! Some of the local boys were happy to get some help dunking!

Written by Martha Evans-Hana, the on-site Volunteer Coordinator for Puerto Plata (Bahia).

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