Airport Style Review

by S-Trip! Staff, 5 years ago

Getting ready to go on Grad Trip?

From our many years of experience we've picked up some helpful tips for how to rock airport travel and look great while doing it. Trust us, as much as you may want to look absolutely fabulous it's always better to be comfortable for the long flight down south. These tips will help you breeze through the airport and start your trip off right.

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The Do's and Dont's of airport travel

Do layer up. Wear loose, lightweight and comfortable clothes so you are warm when you leave but can quickly ditch a few layers to be ready for the sun down south!

Don’t set off the metal detectors! Avoid wearing lots of jewelry or anything with lots of buckles.

Do pack the necessities in your carry on so that they are easily accessible. Things like your passport, camera, phone charger, sunglasses and of course your bathing suit so you can hit the beach right away!

Don’t struggle with your shoes. Wearing a pair of slip on shoes makes them easy to get on and off and you can fly through security like a pro!

Do bring entertainment. Pack a pair of headphones or a book to keep yourself occupied on the plane.

Don’t forget to bring all your travel documents! You don’t want to be left behind just because you forgot your passport at home. Double check that you have everything you need easily accessible before you leave.

If you review and follow all these tips you'll be sure to have an awesome flight and be on the beach in no time enjoying your #TripOfALifetime!

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