5 Tips to Have the #TripofaLifetime in Puerto Plata!

by S-Trip! Staff, 5 years ago

Written By: Frances Johnson

The best part about traveling with S-­Trip! are the planned day and night excursions! Even tho the resort has a wicked pool, a beautiful beachfront, and included food you need to considered the possibility of potentially never visit this country again! After traveling with S­-Trip! to ​Puerto Plata, D​ominican Republic I can give you a few tips to make the most of your #TripofaLifetime!


 1. Surfing

Personally this was my favourite excursion! I spent the afternoon learning how to surf in crystal clear waters of the caribbean with the best teaches and even better friends! If you can only pick on of the extra excursions, pick this one! Theres nothing better than enjoying the day playing in the waves!


2. Zip Lining

I had been zip lining before but not in the jungle! While screaming and laughing I tried to take in as much of the beautiful view as possible. This excursion taught me a lot about team work and how important it is to jump at every opportunity when away on any adventure!


3. Volunteering/ City Tour

The included excursions are definitely a must. The city tour will inform you about the history of the capital and give you an inside look at how the people native to the Dominican live. Best of all, there is the volunteer excursion! The day was spent giving back to the community and listening to cultural stories giving you insight to what it's like growing up in Puerto Plata.


4. Catamaran

Explore the waters on a giant boat cruising around with all your friends. Sit back & relax or jump in and swim around. This day excursion is a MUST!


5. Get Involved

Don’t forget about the themed night events and all the fun activities going in the day like beach volleyball, everyone's favourite Mr and Mrs S-Trip! and much more! Of course as long as you’re with your fiends you’ll have fun but it’s important to take the time to learn and explore a new place.

Remember this is your #TripofaLifetime and you want to make the most of it!


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