This Is Grad Trip

Celebrate the end of high school with all of your friends

S‑Trip! (Student Trip) is designed specifically for high school students and includes non-stop action day and night. Awesome Trip Leaders, a full safety system, and hundreds of people behind the scenes creating what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime, this is the only way to truly celebrate the end of high school with your friends, and other grads from across North America. We offer Senior Trip packages to many destinations worldwide.

Time To Celebrate

Make it memorable - Make it epic

You only graduate once, YOGO. High school is wrapping up, and this is an opportunity to cap things off in a big way. You have worked years to get to this point. Let’s make your senior trip count.

It's a Celebration

Celebrate with friends you may have grown up with since kindergarten, and your grad class despite cliques or friend groups. Grad is better on the beach!

100,000+ Happy Travelers

Since opening the doors in 1976, S-Trip! has traveled over 125,000 students to destinations all over the world. We have taken Grad Trip to the next level.

The Next Chapter

Grad Trip officially marks one ending and another beginning, whether the next chapter is university, college, work, soul searching, or whatever! Not only are you celebrating your amazing accomplishments, you’re looking forward to the future.

Travel To Paradise

Indescribable happiness everyday

We have a ton of awesome inclusions on each one of our grad trips.
Enter your trip code to see what your trip includes! Don’t have a trip code? Get one here!

It's All About Friendship

Taking your friendships to another level, or as we call it #MegaBuddies

Welcome to the best week of your life

Some days feel like they must have 48 hours. How could you possibly do so much in one week? Surf, zipline, volunteer, teach, build, conserve, learn a different language, City Tour, catamaran, beach volleyball, Monster Relay, pool party, Tight n’ Bright, Graffiti, Hawaiian Luau, Grad Gala…and so much more. S-Trip! is all about crossing a ton of stuff off your bucket list. See what Grad Trip is like from actual S-Trip! travelers.

Catamaran Cruise
Catamaran Cruise

Hop on a Catamaran with your buds and set sail as we cruise down the beautiful coast. A brief stop to jump in and check out the incredible tropical marine life cools everyone off before hopping back on, turning up the tunes, and dancing all the way back to port.

S-Trip! Central
S-Trip! Central

We take over our own private section of the resort. Not kidding! It’s all for you. If you are ever unsure of what is going on, head on over to S-Trip! central and you’re guaranteed to see tons of other grads having the time of their lives. Your Trip Leader will show you exactly where S-Trip! Central is located when you arrive so you won’t miss a thing.

City Tour
City Tour

Hop on a shuttle bus and head out to explore the local city. We show you the hot spots and the best attractions, and you’ll even have some time to do some shopping at a market, and grab a bite to eat from a local eatery.

Grad Trip Resort
Grad Trip Resort

This is your home in paradise for the next week! There is so much to see and do you’ll wish for more time in the day. S-Trip! Leaders will be located all over the resort to show you around, and make sure you’re having the best time all week long. Get out there and explore on your senior trip!

Info Desk
Info Desk

Usually located in the front lobby. This is where you’ll find our S-Trip! Leaders from morning til you go to sleep. Need to know where the beach is? We got you covered. When does the buffet close? All over it. What time do you need to get up for volunteer tomorrow? We got your back. What is the theme of the night event tonight? Pshhhh, that’s easy! You’ll also sign in with your Trip Leader 3 times a day at the info desk to make sure you’re having the best time possible.

Night Events
Night Events

Get ready for some incredible themed night events all week like Tight N’ Bright, and Graffiti. These are night events you’ll be talking about with your friends for years to come.

Surf Camp
Surf Camp

This is your opportunity to learn to surf. We guarantee that every rider will get up and ride a wave by the end of the day. Our crew of surf pros are there to help. We’ll even snap a few pics so that you can show off to everyone back home.

The Beach
The Beach

This is paradise! Who doesn’t love the beach. We’ll be running daily games of beach volleyball, soccer, sandcastle building competitions, and much more. Check in with your Trip Leader at the Info Desk to see what is happening each day. Make sure to lather on the sunscreen because it gets pretty toasty on this perfect beach!

The Pool
The Pool

Cannonball!!! The pool is a Grad Trip hot spot. On one of the days, we will completely take over the pool and throw a pool party. Our DJ, our music, all day fun in the sun.


This is your chance to make an impact in the community. Each volunteer initiative will be different according to your trip, but this could include helping to build houses for those less fortunate, restoring school’s and community centres, teaching english to other students, or creating more sustainable wildlife habitats. Either way you’ll be making a huge difference to the place that you’re visiting that will last long after you get home.


This is for the adrenaline junkies out there. Zip from platform to platform through the trees while getting some of the best views of the area. Hold onto your hat because some of these lines get going pretty fast!

Volunteer Abroad

Make an impact that will last long after you get home

Our first volunteer project in 2010 was orchestrated by students who really wanted to give back to the community. This one idea changed our programs forever and now Volunteer Abroad is offered on every trip. We want to make the world a better place, and so do you. Let’s do it together.

Last year...
  • 5,300 travelers participated
  • 15,000 hours donated by travelers
  • 1,300 hours donated by S-Trip! Leaders
And resulted in...

The building of:

  • 2 community centers
  • 4 houses
  • 1 computer lab with 12 computers
  • 1 cafeteria
  • + more!
This years goal...
  • 6,000 travelers participating
  • 18,000 hours donated by travelers

3 Types of Volunteer Projects

Learn more about Volunteer

Awesome S-Trip! Leaders

Passionate about youth & travel

My #1 travel tip = turn off your phone and enjoy the moment

Program Director

Jonathan Brock

I oversee your entire S-Trip! program. I work with the resort, and excursion suppliers months before your trip to make sure everything is perfect.

The best thing about travel = being with your friends

Lead Coordinator

Samantha Edwards

I'm responsible for managing your program schedule. I'll make sure that you and your friends have fun and exciting things to do every day and night!

I dare you to challenge me at a game of beach volleyball!

Student Coordinator

Justin Brown

I work day in and day out on your trip to make sure you have everything you need, and you're having the best time possible. If you have any problems at all, let me know!

Whoa! You found my secret speech bubble.

Volunteer Coordinator

Chris Studer

I work with the local communities to lead you on an incredible volunteer experience. Let's make a real difference on your trip! #MakeAnImpact.

Anyone up for a game of beach volleyball?

Events Coordinator


My role is to make sure everyone is having a good time. Whether we are playing beach volleyball or having a limbo contest in the disco!

My go-to-dance move is Michael Jackson's Thriller

Staff Coordinator

Brad MacLellan

I coordinate all Trip Leaders on your trip and make sure there is always an S-Trip! Leader around to answer your questions, show you around, and lead you on amazing adventures.

I have a PhD in High Fives!

Trip Leader

Michelle Gregson

I’ll be your very own S-Trip! Trip Leader and will meet you at the airport at the start of your trip. I will be your tour guide throughout the trip so ask me anything!

I am the master of the S‑Trip! chant

Trip Planner

Kevin Kim

It all starts here. I’ll work with the student organizer at your school to get your whole class signed up, and make sure your trip is customized for your group.

I have the #JobofaLifetime!

Trip Support

Jayne Barrett

From the time you book until the time you travel, we work with the student organizers to ensure you get all of the important information you need.

Get ready for the #TripofaLifetime!

Program Planner

Norm DeMelo

I work year round with our partners and suppliers to book you and your friends on the best flights, at the best resorts, and on the best excursions to make your trip epic.

I'm here to answer all of your questions!

Help Desk


If you have any questions at all about your trip our Help Desk team is here for you. You can always call or shoot us an email, and we’ll get you all the info you need.

Yeah! that's right, over 500+ staff. Woohoo!

The rest of our crew

Each and every year over 500 S-Trip! Leaders help students travel the world. We’re just a group of travel buddies waiting to show you the time of your life!

Fully Trained

Our Trip Leaders are travel experts and have gone through a training program that prepares everyone on the trip. Read more »


Trip Leaders will be available throughout your amazing trip. This includes a 24/7 emergency line that parents can call into at any point during the trip.

Specialized Roles

We have a ton of Trip Leaders that specialize in different parts of your trip. Although each Leader has a specific role, the main focus for everyone is to make sure you have the #TripofaLifetime.

Passionate & Experienced

Our crew includes a mix of adventurers, teachers, youth workers, university students, camp counselors, amongst others, and know all the tricks of the trade.

Learn more about our Trip Leaders
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