If any European knows how to take it easy with style, it is the Spanish.  Spain is home to sunny days with a disregard for time, a nation-wide organized and regulated afternoon nap (siesta) and night-time fiestas at the S-Trip! surf camp. We are located in the Spanish town of Zarautz, on the outskirts of San Sebastian and on the surf rich Basque coast.

The aim of the S-Trip! surf camp is TO SURF BY DAY, AND PARTY BY NIGHT! The surf camp is a continuous summer celebration with great music, delicious meals and a beautiful location with a mix of young people from all parts of the world. Our goal is to show you the best Europe has to offer, all the while surfing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From beginners to advanced surfers, the camp has something for everyone. Be warned you may want to miss your return flight.


  • Amenities:
    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Tents

    Surf camp

    3 Stars

    Our campsite is located on the outskirts of San Sebastian in the town of Zarautz. This is not your average campsite! We are literally on top of a mountain looking over the town and the beach. We have two person tents set up upon your arrival with sleeping bags and mattresses. The site has a bar and restaurant, and our chefs cook up three meals a day to keep everyone full. Each night we hang out, listen to music, enjoy a few drinks and we always take a walk to check out the incredible sunsets.


Surfari camp in Spain lasts seven days. Pick-ups are available any day from Santander Airport or the central train station. Extra days are available for $110 per day.


Birds are chirping and your head is ringing. It’s time to get up and face the day. Lucky for you, breakfast is ready and it’s time to chow down. Fill your stomach and share stories from the night before. Once you finish breakfast, line-up and get your lunch ready for the day ahead. Pack a bag with your lunch, some drinks, your i-Pod, a towel, and grab a board and head to the beach.


We all head down to the beach and get a briefing on the day’s conditions. Our instructors will cater to your abilities and go over the basics. After a quick land lesson, it’s time to get in the water and make sure you learn everything you need to know about the ocean, tides, currents, wave conditions and of course having fun is the number one priority. Our goal is to have you standing up on your first day, so the rest of the week you can get in the water on your own and feel confident in your abilities. Take a break from the surf and chill on the beach while tanning, listening to music, kicking the soccer ball or playing some beach volleyball. After a long day at the beach, we head back to camp.


We’re back at camp and it’s time to kick back and relax. Everyone hangs out sipping on cold beers and sangria while the chefs cook up a feast for dinner. Have a siesta, shower up and get ready for the night ahead.


Our chefs cook up an international feast for everyone to enjoy. We make sure to fill you up with a hearty meal to line your stomach and get you ready for the night ahead. After dinner, grab some beers as everyone heads out to the point to check out the incredible views and the sunset that will blow you away. Make sure to bring your camera and a blanket as this can usually last well past the sun has gone down. As the night goes on, we hang out by the camp telling stories and playing games. Whether we are chilling at the camp or heading to town for some drinks and dancing, it’s never a dull moment. After a long night of laughs, it's time to hit the sack and get ready for another amazing day at the beach. The best thing about surf camp is that you can make your own itinerary and pick and choose what you want to do. We just ask that you have the best time of your life!


House parties, clubs and local bars are all nearby and are a must-do to experience the local lifestyle. It’s a definite plus when the price of drinks is amongst the cheapest in Europe.


Ricardo and Antonia are the masters of the kitchen. While they are actually Italian, the duo have a great interest in local specialties, particularly seafood, and can cook to any preference of taste. Vegetarian meals are available.

When not surfing..

When your surf board is stored away, be sure to check out the many substitute activites. There’s fishing, quad-biking, bike riding, mountain trekking, cliff-diving and cave-swimming, snorkeling, tasting some Santander tapas and walking tours.

Trip includes

Your time at the Spain surf camp will include the following:

    Return transfer from Santander airport, train station or ferry terminal

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian options available)

    Use of vans to access different surfing spots depending on the ocean’s conditions and your level of experience

    Surf lessons, local guides and good quality equipment for all levels

    Unlimited beer and sangria for five Euros a day

    Party trips to central Santander by boat

"San Sebastian is a surfer’s paradise. Wave after wave, I couldn’t get enough!"
Elize, Chicoutimi
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