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Before My Trip

  • You guys offer a number of different destinations. How do I know which one to pick?
    Sometimes picking a destination for the perfect vacation or volunteer program can be difficult. This is where our well travelled and experienced staff members come in. You can consult with a S-Trip! travel counsellor to help you figure out which experience will best suit you and your friends for a getaway you won’t soon forget!
  • Should I purchase the RBC Youth and Student Insurance?
    Youth and Student Comprehensive Package includes all the benefits of medical protection plus trip cancellation and interruption, baggage and personal effects, and flight and travel accident coverage. The comprehensive package is highly recommended. Please ensure you have reviewed your policy for insurable reasons for cancellation. Even with RBC Youth and Student Insurance, there may be circumstances such as a change of mind that are not covered and not eligible for a refund.
  • Who is S-Trip!?
    S-Trip! is Canada’s most dynamic student travel company. We’ve been travelling with students since 1976 and have built our reputation based on strong relationships with suppliers and our passion for providing great customer service. Our goal is to create a remarkably fun, memorable, and safe travel experience for you and your friends. S-Trip! run trips throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and beyond! We pick out student friendly hotels and partner them with exciting, active, and historical excursions. In order to include all your friends, we’ve arranged special deals with our suppliers to offer early-bird discounts. With our trained staff always nearby, the S-Trip! experience goes above and beyond to create the most exciting vacation you and your friends can imagine!
  • Who goes on S-Trip!?
    Students and youth 16-30 travel with S-Trip! from across Canada. We run trips throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and beyond! We choose our travel partners very carefully to ensure they meet the needs of our groups without undue impact on other guests. Our goal since day one is to offer Canada's youth a way to see the world, meet new people, experience new cultures and make memories that will last a lifetime. Trips are divided into high school, university/college and open to ensure that each groups special needs are handled properly.
  • Which name should I use?
    When travelling out of Canada , the name on your travel documents should match the name that is on your passport. It may be embarrassing at times to let your friends know your full legal name, but it is a lot more embarrassing to be denied boarding at the airport because your travel documents do not match.
  • What should I pack?
    Students will receive a comprehensive list of what-to-pack suggestions in their pre-trip package several weeks before their departure. Air travellers should be aware of standard airline limitations of 20 kg per luggage for each passenger. To make travelling in and out of hotels and between different forms of transportation easier, we recommend travelling with one suitcase per passenger.
  • What if someone misses a payment?
    If a student misses a payment, their trip is no longer guaranteed. Students must make all required payments on time in order to have a guaranteed reservation. Reservations can be reinstated with an updated payment subject to availability.
  • What if I’m not a Canadian citizen?
    Some countries have different visa or entry requirements for travellers of different citizenships. Be sure to check with the embassy of your destination country to figure out if you’ll require a visa to visit. We’ll do our best to help out, but each country has the final say on visa and entry requirements.
  • What happens if someone doesn’t receive their invoice?
    Please email us at to verify your contact information. Make sure to include the correct information in your request.
  • What documents do I need to travel?
    All S-Trip passengers are required to have a valid Canadian passport for travel outside of Canada. You can get the forms to apply for a passport here: We also suggest bringing at least one piece of government photo ID, such as a driver’s license. Please note it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents. Double check with the appropriate embassy before your departure to ensure that you have met all entry requirements.
  • Can I transfer a payment from one trip to another if I change my mind?
    S-trip! works with many different suppliers and each one is responsible for a portion of the trip that is relevant to a specific trip type. As we use different suppliers for all of our flight and bus trips it is not possible to transfer a payment from one trip type to another. Each supplier has their own individual rules and regulations regarding deposits and payments.
  • Are volunteering, surf, and festival and event trips supervised?
    There are no S-Trip! staff assigned to these departures. We work with our local operators and tour partners on these trips. The passenger would be responsible for making their way to the start point to meet with their local tour guide or group. However, S-Trip! can help arrange the flights and transfers. We’ve made a point of choosing student-friendly partners that have experience dealing with the demands of young travellers so although they are not S-Trip! run trips they still meet our high standards for safety and supervision. These trips are normally for experienced travellers.
  • What does it mean when my invoice status says pending?
    Files notified as being on pending status have missed one or more payments and are not up to date. As a result, we are unable to submit payments and/or release documents for a trip. At this point the passenger is not guaranteed a seat on the trip. Once you have the balance applied and are caught up with payments, we will put a request into the supplier to re-instate the file to active status.
  • Can parents join a trip with their son or daughter?
    S-Trip! programs are organized by students, for students and provide an unforgettable experience for groups of classmates to celebrate milestones together. The focus on the trip is for youth to experience the joy of travel in safe and controlled environment with 24/7 staffing and support from S-Trip! trained staff. As these are youth-focused tours, parents are invited to be involved prior to departure but are unfortunately not able to attend. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Help Desk.
  • How do I sign up for a trip or volunteer program?
    We’re so excited you’re going to join us on the trip of a lifetime! To sign up, please go to our website and enter your trip code. Just follow the instructions and you will receive an e-mail confirming you are signed up.Print off a copy of the reservation form, have it signed by your parents/guardians if you are under age and give it to your student organizer or fax it in at 1.866.800.6950.
  • How do I fix incorrect information on my invoice?
    Your first and last name should appear as they do on your passport, your middle name is not required. Other information such as address and phone number should also be correct. Please email corrections to Changes that are requested within seven days of departure may incur a change penalty.
  • How do I do a name change for trips outside of Canada?
    Name changes are processed using a Name Change Form and must occur at minimum 90 day prior to departure. You can request a form by calling or e-mailing the S-Trip! office. The new passenger will submit his/her’s reservation form to S-Trip! along with all the payments to date. S-Trip! will refund the cancelling passenger, less a $150 name change fee. Name changes are on a request basis and are not always possible.
  • How are the trip destinations selected?
    Where to go to travel or volunteer is an important decision made in conjunction with the trip organizer and our S-Trip! counsellors. We look at where other groups in the area are travelling, exam schedules, local events, and avoid conflicts whenever possible. We also look at a groups’ expectations to try to ensure the right fit. Some destinations are more suited to experienced travellers, some to first time travels, some have a more upbeat vibe and some are more relaxed. Once the decision is made, it is then presented to the group with the knowledge and confidence that it will be the best vacation or volunteer experience possible.
  • When do I get my travel documents?
    Travel documents are generally released three weeks prior to the departure. They will be posted on your online portal. Any outstanding balance would need to be cleared before tickets can be released. These tickets and documents must be brought with them to the airport or starting point for departure.
  • Do I need to purchase travel insurance?
    Students can choose to purchase the Youth and Student Comprehensive insurance package to cover for unexpected incidents. The insurance includes medical coverage as well as coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, baggage and personal effects, and flight and travel accidents. This insurance is offered by RBC Travel Insurance. It is important to review the policy for specific information about the package before your purchase. To purchase the comprehensive package, you must make a payment on top of the trip deposit. The comprehensive package is highly recommended.
  • Do I need a passport?
    A valid passport is needed for all destinations that S-Trip! travels to outside of Canada. A passport is the best and most easily recognized form of identification for travel to another country. Your passport should be up to date and have an expiry date that is a minimum of six months after the RETURN date of your trip. For example if you are scheduled to return to Canada on March 19, 2011 your passport should be valid until at least Sept 19, 2011.
  • I can’t go on my trip anymore. What do I do?
    All cancellation requests for S-Trip! accounts must be given in writing to, or must be in writing via Canadian or US mail to be effective. The initial deposit is non-refundable. Within 90 days of the departure date all monies received are non-refundable. In the event of a trip cancellation more than 90 days prior to departure, passengers will receive Trip Dollars for the amount paid above the initial deposit. 1 Trip Dollar is equivalent to $1 that may be used towards a trip with S-Trip!. Trip Dollars are valid for 5 years from the date of cancellation.

During My Trip

  • Will my cell phone work?
    Cell phones work at most destinations, depending on your mobile providers. Generally, roaming charges can be quite expensive, but we’ve found that text messaging – although slightly more expensive than in Canada – can be used effectively to communicate with your friends and family back home. For detailed information on cell phones in your destination, contact your provider.
  • What if I have food allergies or special meal requirements?
    Most of our hotels are comfortable catering to food allergies or special needs. However, as food preparation standards can differ outside of Canada, we are unable to guarantee an allergy free environment. We recommend researching in advance and coordinating directly with the airline and food and beverage manager of the hotel. S-Trip! can initiate contact with the appropriate persons.
  • What happens in a medical emergency?
    In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the first priority is ensuring that the injured student receives immediate medical attention. All trips are staffed by experienced and trained S-Trip! staff comfortable in the local culture and trained in first responder tactics. S-Trip! will be with the student as soon as possible after an incident occurs and will be present until the situation has stabilized. Immediately after ensuring that medical needs are met, staff will contact the insurance company and the student’s parents to advise all parties of the situation. S-Trip! generally escalates the situation immediately, involving our most senior staff members as necessary. As the situation stabilizes, we’ll continue to monitor the student as appropriate, following the instructions of medical professionals.
  • What documents do I need to travel?
    All S-Trip passengers are required to have a valid Canadian passport for travel outside of Canada. You can get the forms to apply for a passport here: We also suggest bringing at least one piece of government photo ID, such as a driver’s license. Please note it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents. Double check with the appropriate embassy before your departure to ensure that you have met all entry requirements.
  • What happens if my luggage gets lost?
    It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes luggage does go missing. In the event your luggage gets lost, we ask that you start fill out a lost item form, which can be found on our website. Please fax or e-mail the form to us and we will forward the form to the relevant suppliers on your behalf. Unfortunately we are unable to submit any lost item forms more than seven days after the end of a trip. S-Trip! cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Do the beaches have lifeguards?
    Although some of the beaches may have lifeguards, lifesaving standards may not be the same as in Canada. When entering the water, pay attention to the posted signs and flags. Make sure you’re a competent swimmer and always swim with a buddy. Safety in your specific destination will be covered in the destination briefing.
  • Can I collect or use my Air Miles reward points?
    S-Trip! does not collect or redeem Air Miles for any of our trips. It is possible after the final group is assigned to a flight that points may be collected. However as these are bulk group reservations, they cannot be applied before departure and it is the responsibility of the passenger to show their frequent flyer number at check-in.

After My Trip

  • I bought the insurance, but didn’t need it. Can I get a refund?
    Amounts paid for the purchase of insurance are non refundable. Once insurance payment is received we forward your information to the insurance company and your coverage starts. Insurance protects you against any issue that may cause you to need to file a claim. Insurance is an “all or nothing” purchase and does not allow the option to decide you do not want it after a period of time.