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What Your Mo Says About You

Well guys and girls, here we are. Movember. Two weeks in… Oh boy.

You know when you text someone an awesome joke, and then your autocorrect changes one word and the whole thing doesn’t make sense? And so you quickly send “*I meant MOOSE not mooseantlerpanic,” but it’s just too late? That’s kinda like Week 2 of Movember. Close, but no handlebar (yet).

But that is A-O-K! It is all part of your heroic journey through the scenic Moklahoma to contribute to men’s health. As for the Mo’s themselves? Oh, they’re growing strong – and they’re starting to speak loudly too…

Want to know what your moustache is saying the masses? Well find your moustache style name in the images below, and then scroll down to check out what your mo says to all of its admirers.

What Your Mo Says

The Line: “I don’t make things complicated.”

The Lampshade: “I can turn you on, and off.”

The Peach Fuzz: “I wont give up on you.”

The Chin Strap For Your Upper Lip: “Moustache? This is just an extension of my sideburns.”

The Hipster: “Please.”

The 1930′s Boxer: “Hey ya doll, I can make your heart go boom, boom, boom!”

The Ron Swanson: “This moustache helps me wrestle bears and eat bacon, and I’m all out of bacon.”

The U-Turn: “I’ll make U-turn and look again.”

The Zen Master: “Brush these strands and see how calm you get.”


Don’t say a word – your moustache is doing all the talking.

Check out how our mo’s are looking, and join our Movember network.

Happy Movember!


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