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S-Trip! Reviews – Top 5 reasons to love the Fall season

As Summer gives way to the first day of fall, we present to you – S-Trip!’s Top 5 reasons to love the Fall Season

Well it is official. The summer has come and gone. Left us in the dust. Another year of sweet sunshine come and gone…

But as the first day of fall arrives, we decided to look at the positives of this bitter sweet season. A time of transition.

A lot of time this season is hated on because it quickly creeps up and kicks beach time to curb with no remorse.

We are here to give you some sweet relief of your retreating summer blues

Here is our TOP 5 reasons why YOU should be pumped for the Fall season!

#1 – The incredible changing colours

There is no denying that the changing colours are #1. They have to be, right? Whether taking a hike or just driving down the road, it definitely adds a positive aesthetic to the surrounding environment. I would like to meet the person who disagrees…


#2 – Fall clothing – Sun, get off me bro

Alright, I know what you’re thinking…”But the summer time is when everyone shows off their beach bods, and look good and yada yada yada.” – I get it. However, if you noticed, it was HOT out this summer. Not that I’m complaining, but a change is nice. And with the cooler weather comes Fall clothing. Personally, my fav. Suit up people, Suit up.


#3 – Ski and Snowboarding season is approaching

So I know this is more Winter related, but I mean, since we’re on the topic of cooler weather, we can’t help but think about the upcoming shred season. I don’t even snowboard or ski (I know, I suck)…but it is a pretty wicked time of year. My friends who snowboard or ski (Generally all cooler than I am) LOVE the first snow fall of the year, and anticipate it from the first day of fall. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take it up this year. Maybe on our Uni & College #RideProject trips…Or get some lessons on one of S-Trip!’s MANY epic High School Ski Trips..

#4 – All things pumpkin spiced?

Alllllllright. I know nothing about this whole pumpkin spiced latte phenomenon, other than that is ALL people are Tweeting and posting on Facebook about. That being said. At first I rolled my eyes at the hoard of Pumpkin Spice trends filling up my Social Media airwaves. But now…This hoard has turned into curiosity. Writing from a male perspective, this has mostly garnered attention from a female point of view (correct me if I’m wrong). So I am making a pledge to indulge in one of these so called “Fall inspired drinks” to see what all the hype is about. Report card to follow.


#5 – One more season closer to Spring Break & Grad Trip

This one is pretty obvious. Working at S-Trip! year round, I look forward to February and March (And Summer grad) because that means Spring Break and Grad Trip. The best time of year is Trip Season! A full week of epic sun, Excursions, wild Night Events and all of your friends. Can. Not. Wait!

Grad Trip

Spring Break


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