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S-Trip! Staff Talk – Southern Dominican Sun with Kelsey Bishop

A Memorable Volunteer Experience on Grad Trip 2012 in Punta Cana!

Grad Trip 2012 was definitely full of memories that will last a life time for the leaders, and the students. After landing in the Dominican airport, we boarded our buses for the Catalonia and blasted “Jammin” by Bob Marley. It didn’t take a while to set in, it hit us right away, we were in Punta Cana. We were living the dream in a five star resort, a luxury to only a few. The highlights of my week was without a doubt the volunteering trip.

On the Wednesday morning, the students woke up bright and early to spend the day at Centro Educativo Cabeze de Toro. Their lack of sleep disappeared as soon as we stepped off the bus. The Dominican students were lively and loud, excited for our visit. They brought us into their main classroom, where we watched several amazing performances by the students. A few female students sang, while a group of boys performed a break dancing routine, which got the whole room moving!
When they dismissed for class, we got to work. S-Trip! students painted the court, and revitalized their basketball nets. As soon as school was over, the Dominican students didn’t go home, the boys stayed to play basketball and soccer, while the girl enjoyed spending quality time with the group.
A group of S-Trip! students went on a shopping spree to the dollar store before departure to Punta Cana, and brought bags of gifts. These students were loving the attention of being Santa Claus for an hour, they brought stickers, bubbles, snacks, and little games. Each student at Centro Educativo Cabeze de Toro got a small gift and some snacks.
Within a few hours, we all got attached. We ended up leaving an hour later than expected, just so we could spend more time with the students. The volunteering experience definitely left a positive impact on the S-Trip! students; they knew that while they enjoyed their vacation, they were leaving a positive impact on someone else’s life at the same time.
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