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S-Trip! Review: Who Is @Strombone1?

One of the great Canadian Mysteries of our time: who is the man OR woman behind the Twitter account: @Strombone1

If you don’t know about this, let me explain. This is an ongoing conspiracy theory happening RIGHT NOW. In our own Twitter backyards.

There are various amounts of rumours floating around the Twitterverse that it is none other than the Vancouver Canucks now (but soon to be former) goaltender.

Now Roberto Luongo does not “officially” have a Twitter account. And he actually denies it or quickly diverts the question with a clever or witty remark.

But there is lots of evidence that all points to Luongo:


  • Anyone that has twitter knows that famous people don’t just follow random strangers. In some cases they might by mentioning them. But for the most part They only follow people they know. If @Strombone1 isn’t Luongo, then they MUST have some influence cause they are followed by Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Tanner Glass, Herb Bagel (another vancouver twitter conspiracy theory ), Leo Luongo, Alex Edler and the suspected Twitter account of Mason Raymond. These people would not be following this guy because of tweets like this:



  • He has the same faux name that Luongo has been known to use on poker sites for the past 5 years – pretty compelling



  • Luongo told Gerry Dee that he started following him on Twitter in an interview, shortly after @Strombone1 DID follow Gerry Dee on Twitter…Hmmmmm
  • Now this one gets a bit confusing: @Strombone1 regularly tweets at @NotBobbyLu, a Roberto Luongo parody account. Which IF Strombone1 is Luongo is called Meta-Tweeting (Tweeting at yourself). @Strombone1 cracks jokes and comments on various @Notbobbylu tweets.
  • More parody accounts began sprouting up including one of Luongo’s wife @MrsNotBobbyLu. This account tweeted “@Strombone1 @RealBobbyLu Who’s my real hubby??? I’m confused now” Which would hint at ONE of the accounts actually being Luongo. And since one is clearly a parody account…it only points to one source.
  • Now as if that wasn’t enough, @Strombone1 quoted back “Dude…get your broad under control! Heard that somewhere.” Well two things: A) Never call a girl a “Broad” – VERY disrespectful – Clean it up and B) This refers to the infamous Twitter War between Boston Bruins Milan Lucic’s Girlfriend and Vancouver Canucks (Now starting) Goaltender Cory Schneider where Lucic’s GF told Schneider to “get your broad under control.”



A clever little quote from Luongo, er…I mean @Strombone1


Make up your own conclusion. But this mystery needs to be solved. It’s of paramount importance. Who knows, maybe @Strombone1 will mysteriously “Re-locate” shortly after Roberto Luongo ends up with a new NHL Uniform.


More importantly follow @Studenttrip … because that account is bananas

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