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January’s Best Returning TV

It’s that time of year again: the New Year’s Eve ball has dropped, the Christmas cookies have gone stale, and school has picked up right where it left off. Winter has reminded us that just because the holidays are gone, its negative temperatures aren’t going anywhere, and even the faintest whiff of peppermint is probably sending you in to HWS (holiday withdrawal syndrome). Yet January does have at least one good thing to offer us…the return of TELEVISION! Here is a list of the shows that have left us hanging and are only a few days away from coming back to our TV’s, computers, and hearts.

Shameless Sunday, January 12th

Fiona Gallagher and her band of misfit siblings are back for yet another year of truly cringe worthy schemes. If post holiday life has felt a little too tame, one episode of Shameless will give you enough crime and grime to last you all week. They’re just like any other family trying to make it in America, only way more ginger, bad-ass and you guessed it, shameless.

I pledge allegiance, to the Gallaghers.

Girls Sunday, January 12th

In its third season, the four girls of New York City return, only this time, with fewer Q-Tips (if this reference does not make you squirm then you need to binge watch season 2 NOW). Our favorite girls left us last year on a strangely high note, so we can’t wait to see how they will inevitably ruin all that good fortune this season. We hear Lena Dunham spends almost an entire episode in a green string bikini, you’ve been warned.

Will those goilz ever learn?

American Idol Wednesday, January 15th

Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., and Jenny from the Block all return for the thirteenth season (Mazel Tov!) Whether Idol is your go to show or guilty pleasure, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so we might as well just curl up and watch Ryan Seacrest’s perfectly bleached teeth. Who knows, maybe this year will give us another Carrie Underwood or better yet, William Hung.
William Hung, “She Bangs”

Damn Paula Abdul aged WELL

The Mindy Project Tuesday, January 21th

Ok, so this one may not be a premiere, but it IS the winter finale and still deserves a celebration. If you happen to feel unproductive at work, lazy at the gym, or unlucky in love, watching a half hour of the antics on The Mindy Project will instantly make you feel better about yourself. Brace yourself for lots of scrubs, secrets, and dog fighting.

See, my doctors don’t look like this.

American Horror Story: Coven Wednesday, January 29th

Fine, this may also be a finale, but it is loooong overdue. Being AHS, we’re anticipating lots of witchcraft, voodoo, and Jessica Lange. If you have plans for the following day, I recommend sitting this season finale out, you won’t be sleeping much afterwards. So bring it on American Horror Story, I’m ready for you. Another tidbit of exciting AHS news is that costars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are engaged! It is truly a match-made in horror heaven.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen pose for this season’s cover art.

Finally, an Honorable Mention to The Walking Dead, which will finally return to us with the second half of the fourth season on February 9th. Not close enough to make our list, but too damn exciting to be overlooked. I hope these finds make your Sad-uary a little bit nicer, and until then keep calm and Netflix on!

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