Essential Europe is your chance to see the best of Europe with your friends, S-Trip! style. The tour takes in eight countries, including England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands.

In 17 days, you will embark on a whirlwind adventure including perusing the streets of Paris, visiting the Spanish steps in Rome, getting lost in the many piazzas in Florence, seeing where Romeo and Juliet fell in love in Verona, and going on a scenic bicycle ride in Amsterdam.  S-Trip! Europe is filled with wonderful cities, museums, new dining experiences, and awesome nightlife that will keep you wanting to come back time and time again.

This summer, immerse yourself in a new culture and experience with Essential Europe.

  • Cost: 17.00 £

    London Eye

    Night or day the London Eye offers spectacular views of London from high above the River Thames. Famous landmarks to be seen include Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

  • Cost: Elevator entrance tickets to top floor Youth: 9.90 € Stair entrance tickets (to second floor) Youth: 3.50 €

    Eiffel Tower

    Climb to the top of the world’s most iconic structure – the Eiffel Tower, the most recognizable symbol of Paris, was at one time the tallest building in the world. Initially built temporarily for exhibition only, the Eiffel Tower has been a permanent fixture in the Parisian skyline and history since 1889.

  • Cost: 15 €

    Leaning Tower of Pisa

    freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa and is situated behind the cathedral. Although intended to stand vertically, the tower began leaning to the southeast soon after the onset of construction in 1173 due to a poorly laid foundation and loose substrate that has allowed the foundation to shift direction. The tower presently leans to the southwest.

  • Cost: 6.20 €


    The Baptistry of St. John is a religious building in Pisa, Italy. It started construction in 1152, in replacement of an older baptistry, and completed in 1363. It’s the second building, in the chronological order, in the Piazza dei Miracoli, near the Cathedral and the famous Leaning Tower

  • Cost: 6.50 €

    Uffizi Gallery

    The Uffizi Gallery is one of the world’s top art museums – it houses some of the most important works of the Renaissance, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and Michelangelo.

  • Cost: 12.00 €

    Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

    So what do you want to see? Egyptian mummies? Etruscan gold? Greek marbles? Medieval tapestries? Renaissance paintings? How about a moon rock from the Apollo 11 mission? It’s all here in abundance, the best of the best, in the elongated complex known as the Vatican Museums, which also provides access to the famous Raphael rooms and Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

  • Cost: 9.00 €


    The granddaddy of all Roman monuments, this arena known to the ancients as the “Flavian Amphitheater” hosted 450 years of gladiatorial contests and wild beast hunts… “games,” as they were called in antiquity. You can get a pretty good sense of the Colosseum just by walking around the outside, but going inside will give you a better idea of the seating areas, the structures beneath the arena floor, and the general enormity of the building. Piazza del Colosseo.

  • Cost: 8.50 €

    Anne Frank Haus

    The former hiding place, where Anne Frank wrote her diary, is now a well-known museum. The museum tells the history of the eight people in hiding and those who helped them during the war. Anne Frank’s diary is among the original objects on display.

  • Cost: 18 and Under: Free Adults: 11.00 €


    A Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, located on the Museumplein. The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art.

  • Cost: 54.00 €

    Paradis Latin Cabaret

    Experience real life Moulin Rouge at a traditional Parisian cabaret. Enjoy an evening show of comedians, acrobats, dancing, and of course the famous ladies of the cabaret and their amazing routines and costumes! Get swept up in it all and leave with lasting memories of a show most people will never get to see.

  • Cost: 22.00 €

    Fat Tyre Bike Tours

    Take in the highlights of central Paris as you ride along the seine on a guided bike tour. Get the personal experience of a walking tour with the efficiency of a bus tour and see all the important things there are to see in The City of Lights including the Eiffel Tower, Arch du Triomphe, and The Louvre. Spend half a day seeing the entire city and still have time to relax at a café as the sun sets!

  • Cost: 8.00 €

    Seine River Cruise

    Jump on board for a night cruise down the Seine River through central Paris. There’s no better time to view The City of Lights than once the sun has gone down and all the lights have turned on. Take a couple hours to sight-see this beautiful city from a bit of a different perspective. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Cost: 19.00 €

    Gondola Ride Around Canals

    You can’t go to Venice without taking a gondola ride through the canals! Settle in for a gentle cruise through the winding canals of Europe’s more intriguing and physics-defying city. Share your gondola with a few friends and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the whole adventure.

  • Cost: Adults: 137.00 CHF (10 or more) 157.00 CHF (If less than 10 in group)

    Jungfrau Excursion

    Take on Switzerland from totally new heights – head up the alps and explore this awesome country from atop a glacier. Snow shoeing, dog sledding, hiking – this is a winter wonderland with the most breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps around!

  • Cost: Adults: 430.00 CHF (approx. €285)

    Sky Diving

    This is for you adventure-crazy thrill-seekers out there – jump out of a helicopter and tandem skydive over the Swiss Alps! This is an all-out adrenaline rush that affords some of the most unique and unending views of the Alps and Switzerland. Not for the feint of heart skydiving is an incredible experience!

  • Cost: 29.50 €

    Evening Canal Cruise

    Relax on a scenic cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. This unique sightseeing tour of the historic old district is an excellent way to see the city all lit up and starting to wake up for the night. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Cost: 15 €

    Guided Tours of Vatican Museums

    Experience the centre of Christian faith on a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel – home to the pope and Michelangelo’s crowning achievement the 12,000 sq ft painted ceiling – the map room, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Experience 2000 years of history and the world’s smallest country.

  • Cost: 206.00 €


    Take a tandem tour of the Swiss skies as you paraglide over the Alps and surround areas while you float back down to earth. Not ready to skydive but still want to climb to new heights? Take this easy day in the skies as a nice compromise and don’t forget your camera!

  • Cost: 59.00 €

    Canyon Jumping

    This is a serious adrenaline sport – hike up mountains, and repel down waterfalls. Experience the natural beauty of Switzerland while getting your heart pumping and your clothes soaked. An alternative tour to seeing this awesome country.

  • Cost: Included

    Walking Tours

    Spend a couple hours touring the famous cities of London, Paris, Pisa, Verona, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Amsterdam with a trained tour guide who will show you all the highlights and few quirky things in the top cities of Europe.

  • Cost: Included

    Picnic Beside the Eiffel Tower

    Have the perfect lunch break under Paris’ most renowned icon – the Eiffel Tower. Slow it down and tour the city from a different vantage point while indulging in all the awesome food and drinks of the City of Lights. Lunch and drinks provided.

  • Cost: Included

    Vaporetto Ride on the Grand Canal

    What better way to see the City of Water than by boat! Take a guided tour of the canals of Venice aboard a Vaporetto and experience the awesome history and architecture of Venice. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Cost: Included

    Tower of London

    Home to the Crown Jewels and the best view of London Bridge, this is a scenic tour of this bustling city. Climb to the top of the tower and grab a few photos.

  • Cost: Included

    Guided Tour of the Louvre

    The largest art museum in the world, the Louvre, could take you months to peruse, but on this guided tour see the most important pieces like the mystifying Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo.

  • Cost: Included

    Guided Tour of Neuschwanstein Castle

    Ludwig II of Bavaria’s fantastic refuge from the public eye was opened to the public immediately after his death in 1886 and has been enjoyed for the incredible architecture of the “castle of the fairy-tale king.”

  • Cost: Included

    Bicycle Tour of Amsterdam

    Do as the locals do, and get on that bike for a guided tour of the highlights of Amsterdam. A city made for cruising on two wheels, the highest hill you’ll conquer is crossing a bridge over the canals. This is the ultimate way to see Amsterdam and to take in the biking culture.

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    We know that after a busy day of exploring Europe where you’re staying at plays a huge part in how sweet your total Euro Grad experience is. That’s why we spend countless hours researching and inspecting each of the spots we stay overnight on the program to ensure they are all of the same standards and quality, and offer amazing facilities and amenities tailored to travelling teens. The accommodations vary between Hostels, Camp Bungalows, Hotels and even a Austrian Guesthouse

Day 1 - Toronto

It's departure day. Meet S-Trip! staff at the airport in Toronto before your flight to London.

Day 2 - London, England

Welcome to London, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Enjoy a half day guided tour around London.(D)

Day 3 - London

Start the day with a guided tour of the Tower of London, and then take the rest of the day to explore London on your own.(B)

Day 4 - London to Paris, France

An early morning departure from London to join the ferry from Dover to Calais. After dinner, we head into "The City of Lights" for a spectacular night light tour. (B,D)

Day 5 - Paris

Today, start off at the Louvre and the have plenty of free time to explore the sights of Paris at your won pace - Notre Dame Cathedral, or the impressive Musee D'Orsay are close by before meeting the group for a picnic at the base of the Eiffel Tower.(B,D)

Day 6 - Paris to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

This morning we depart Paris and travel through the French countryside to stunning Switzerland as we head on to Lauterbrunnen.(B,L,D)

Day 7 - Lauterbrennen

Relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the glacial valley of Lauterbrunnen or take the chance to do some adventure activities such as skydiving($).(B,L,D)

Day 8 - Lauterbrunnen to Florence, Italy

From Lauterbrunnen we travel to Pisa to visit the famous Leaning Tower, before continuing on to Florence, the capital of Tuscany and famous for its renaissance art and architecture.(B,L,D)

Day 9 - Florence to Rome

We start the day with a walking tour of Florence then this afternoon we travel on to Rome, home of the Vatican City, St. Peter's Cathedral and the Colosseum.(B)

Day 10 - Rome

A chance to visit the Vatican Museum this morning where we will have the opportunity to see some of the finest works of art in the world - the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. The rest of the day is yours to explore.(B,D)

Day 11 - Rome to Venice

Through Tuscany and into Venice, stopping on the way to visit ancient Verona, where Romeo and Juliet played out their tragic love affair.(B,L,D)

Day 12 - Venice

A relaxing gondola ride($) through the canals is a must-do while in Venice or take a few hours to get lost in the maze of streets, canals, and piazzas.(B,D)

Day 13 - Venice to Tyrol Region, Austria

The beautiful Tyrol Region of Austria is next on our itinerary.(B,L,D)

Day 14 - Tyrol to Rhine Valley, Germany

Today we travel to the picturesque Rhine Valley and stop at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle for a tour.(B,L,D)

Day 15 - Rhine Valley to Amsterdam, Netherlands

It's off to Amsterdam. On our way into the city, we will have the opportunity to watch cheese and traditional clog making demonstrations.(B)

Day 16 - Amsterdam

See the sights of Dam Square, the Royal Palace, Anne Frank's House as well as the Rijks and Van Gogh Museums.(B,D)

Day 17 - Amsterdam and Departure

Explore Amsterdam in the morning before we transfer to the airport for our return flight home.(B)

B - Breakfast

L - Lunch

D - Dinner

"I never knew I could see so much of Europe in 17 days! It was an amazing experience! "
Geoff, Waterloo
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