It all began in 1976…

When Handa Travel opened in 1976, we knew that we wanted to share our love for travel with everyone, but we had no idea how successful this would be.

Our original Grad Trip concept was to "unite students with their friends to celebrate their high school career." To start, these trips were just a group of students traveling to the same resort together. We were a traditional travel agency, with a handful of staff, having fun and learning something new each day.

Our Grad Trips became a success, growing in size every year. Expansion was on the forefront, with our core values of safety, responsibility, fun, and affordability leading the way. Exciting changes were made, including the formation of I Love Travel, our official student travel brand, which included S-Trip!, The New Breakaway Tours, Campus Vacations, and Unleashed Travel. But one thing always remained the same; a passion for travel, excitement, and learning that marked us as an innovator in the student travel market.

S-Trip! Today

Today, S-Trip! is a leading expert on student travel in North America! We now provide life-changing Grad Trips to over 25,000 students annually in over 10 destinations.

With a passion for people and places, S-Trip! has offices in Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and the Dominican Republic. S-Trip! ensures students have the time of their lives by building its reputation on safety and industry-leading customer service.

Safety is Key

S-Trip! recognizes that this may be the first time a student has traveled on their own, so it's important that all our tours are staffed with qualified S-Trip! representatives who offer appropriate assistance and supervision. S-Trip! Staff facilitate all activities, attend excursions, and give students the tools to define their own S-Trip! experience. With our Staff always available, our goal is to ensure each student has a fun and safe getaway!

Customer Care

With teams across Canada, our energetic and passionate customer service representatives answer any questions or concerns students and their parents may have. We're here for students from the moment they decide to embark on an adventure with S-Trip! until they're safely returned home.