Our Purpose

We create Happy Travelers and the #TripofaLifetime by providing unforgettable journeys for friends

With over 35 years of creating life changing memories for students, we work tirelessly to provide the ultimate student experience through innovative travel, incredible staff, world-class service, amazing destinations, and all things friendship.

Friends on the beach

Happy Travelers

We want everyone to have a smile on their face from the time they first hear about us until well after they arrive back home. Learn more »

The Trip of a Lifetime

Providing a once in a lifetime travel experience that you talk about with new and old friends for the rest of your life.

Our Team

Quite possibly the best group of travel buddies in the world

The History of S-Trip!

What started out as 2 high school teachers opening up their own travel company to share their love of travel back in 1976, has led to over 125,000 students experiencing grad trip across North America


Two teachers from Ottawa, Canada found Handa Travel Student Trip.


The very first grad trip bus program to Florida was organized.


The very first overseas grad trip to Jamaica was organized.


The first time S-Trip! introduced Mexico as a new destination.


Changed the name from Handa Travel Student Trip to S-Trip!.


S-Trip! moves from Ottawa to Toronto to set up head office.


S-Trip! moves to current location on Queen Street West, Toronto and establishes head office.


S-Trip! opens up first international office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


The first ever volunteer excursion in Puerto Vallarta at children's orphanage is organized by S-Trip! travelers.


S-Trip! Staff workshop and develop the S-Trip! Mantra which is implemented company wide.


Opened up the first office in the USA, focused on the north east - Boston.


Get REAL joins the S-Trip! family and immediately makes an impact both domestically and internationally.


S-Trip! officially travels over 100,000 travelers since first opening up in 1976.


Move Dominican Republic office from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana


The first year a volunteer excursion is included in every S-Trip!.

 The S-Trip! Mantra

Living it each and every day.

In 2012 the S-Trip! staff came together to build and define our company mantra. These are our guiding principles to not only the way we organize trips, but how we live life each and every day.

Share The Journey

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the journey. This means working together, and making sure everyone is included.

Embrace Everyone

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. Whether it's a new idea, a new friend, or a new culture, we love learning from every person we meet.

Make An Impact

We believe in people's ability to make a difference. We seek to always make things better for our travelers and the communities that we visit.

Bring The Fun

We love what we do. We approach every day with the 'travel mindset'; embracing change, rocking a 'yes' attitude, and enjoying the ride.

Go Beyond

We love creating incredible experiences for our travelers. We go the extra mile every day, recognizing that the the little things make a big difference.


The pursuit of travel excellence

We take extreme pride in the awards we have won, whether they accentuate our travel practices, or the way that we operate as a company. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve and to achieve greatness together.

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